Spiritual Warriors

Some people equate spirituality with passivity, like if you aren’t sitting quietly watching the world go by, then you’re doing it wrong. Heaven forbid you ever have an opinion, or *gasp* get involved in anything even remotely political. Yep, it’s all unicorns and rainbows from the outside. The truth, as any spiritual student can tell you, is quite the opposite. Spirituality is an active process, and we spend a good amount of time and energy wrestling with our own shadows.

This personal shadow work helps us make more room for the unicorns and rainbows, but it is an ongoing process, requiring some serious dedication. This work not only allows us to hold more Light, it strengthens our core being. It builds spiritual muscle. The spiritual path leads inward, where you figure out who you truly are, what you believe, and why. Know thyself, and you will have the keys to the Universe. But knowing thyself includes the dark, human parts. Spiritual warriors aren’t afraid of the (their) dark. We learn how to work through it with amazing efficiency.

When we encounter darkness in the world around us, we are prepared to meet it head-on. Because we know ourselves, we can easily tell the difference between an ego trigger and something that actually offends our soul. An ego trigger is “Wow, that’s irritating”, while a soul activator is “Not on my watch”. When a spiritual warrior gets to that point, action comes swiftly, because we know the only way out is through. That’s why it is completely natural for “spiritual” people to march in protest. The two major marks of a love-based action are unity and non-violence. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see our language change from “protest” to “solidarity gathering”, simply because so many spiritual warriors are leading these things, and energy is better spent for something than against something.

There is also another layer to think about. We are currently uniting two very different realities – the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. Some of us are acting as the bridge right between the two, so it is normal that we occasionally bounce to each extreme. I aim for balance, but one day I’m all Love & Light, the next day (or even hours later) I’m sobbing under a blanket, or having a political debate online. I didn’t fail at spirituality. Neither did you. These occurrences are shorter and less frequent as I become aware of what’s happening. It’s tough to be the bridge. It truly is walking in both worlds.

So tend to yourself, and show compassion toward your fellow spiritual students, when the human side comes out. Try not to aim it at anyone, and try not to take it personally when it’s dropped at your door. If you see someone struggling to hold the Light amidst all this chaos, let them know they aren’t alone. I’ll hold your sign, while you take time to recenter yourself. We are always stronger when we are balanced. We are always stronger together.

So unplug, go meditate, and know we will hold the line for you. Then I’ll take my turn. Return to a place of Love, then you are stronger to lift the dark. Remember the unicorns and rainbows are why we do this work… and they are waiting for us to clear the path. We are loved and supported. We are never alone. We are the ones we have been waiting for.


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