The last few days have been very strange. Like the Universe is throwing things at me just to see how I’ll react. It feels like a placement test for timelines. Where do I want to be? Do I want to keep this behavior, or try something new? To some extent, this has been happening for months, but the last 5 days have been surreal.

We had an ice storm the night before I had a full day of appointments. Before, I may have canceled everything, or at least reacted with apprehension, but I could feel something else at play. Before each step of the day, and there were some strange turns, it felt like a still-point, like I was outside of time. I could clearly see the choice I was conditioned to make (and the accompanying emotion), along with at least two other options. It was like time was holding its breath, waiting for me to pick a path. Surreal.

I get the feeling this will be happening a lot this month. We are being invited to consciously use our free will. No more automatic reaction, no more conditioning, just choice. And please remember two things: There is no one judging your choices, and you cannot choose for someone else. 

No judgement, just choice. No right and wrong, just where you want to be. I have been making my decisions based on who I want to be when I grow up… feelings of joy and gratitude, and asking which choice opens my heart. If my Higher Self was calling the shot, what would they do? The Universe responds only to frequency, so no one is being rewarded or punished. Promise. And we are getting this beautiful moment of stillness before we make our next move.

You can only do you. No matter how much you love someone, or how attached you are to a story, you can’t choose for them. You can choose to stay with them at their lower vibration (with health consequences), but you cannot make people evolve. Your free will is limited to your life. It’s that simple. Let people be where they are, and be willing to lead by example. For the best experience, choose Love (not attachment).

When making these choices, try to keep in mind your end goal. Going with what “feels” right has limited results here. Addictions to feelings of familiarity and security, as well as chemical addictions to various emotions will cloud the “feels right” thing. Try to focus on where you plan to end up, and then feel the actual health of your body, not just what feels good. Heroin and cheesecake won’t bring physical health, just as familiar feelings of anger and martyrdom won’t bring emotional health. Use discernment when feeling into a choice.

So free will is the thing right now. We actually get to see it in the making… how cool is that? Anchor the Light by being the change. It’s only a choice away.


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