The energy is amazing right now! Can you feel it? Let’s give it a go…

Love is a tricky thing to define, because we use that word to mean so many different experiences. Usually, we actually mean attachment, not love. Love isn’t confined by behaviors and roles, it’s much bigger than that. Would you want the best for someone, even if that meant never seeing them again (unconditional)? Or is your love for them based on a story or a chemical reaction (conditional)? Maybe that’s why it is said that the purest love is a mother’s love… she is fully aware that her child will leave one day to start its own life, and she only wants them to be happy.

Now let’s pretend you love yourself that way. Are you attached to a story, or are you willing to do anything for your happiness? I don’t mean selfish happiness, I mean true fulfillment. This is nothing money can buy, and it is only available by looking inward. If you just get the ego story out of the way, it’s in you, around you, creating all of our reality. Love is the fabric of the Universe.

Now we’re going to practice being totally in love. You don’t need another person for this, in fact, please don’t use a human. What else can you fall in love with? A tree, a pet, the moon… anything that makes you feel open and grateful. Now focus on your subject, and let all the stories fall away, leaving the feeling. Let it deepen and surround you. Feel it pulsing with your own heartbeat. Ahhh… to be in love!

Love always brings a sense of openness and lightness. Ma’at is the Egyptian Goddess who weighs your heart after death, on a balance scale with a feather. Makes sense. Joy, gratitude, and love free the heart, and it feels like floating. Dense emotions, like anger or fear, feel closed and heavy, a burden to carry. “Lighten up” becomes quite literal.

As with anything, this skill will improve with practice. Why would you want to? For one thing, it feels amazing! More importantly, Love raises your vibration. The more you produce it inside, the more it is reflected in your life. And mostly, this is how Heaven makes it to Earth – through you, one fleeting Love bubble at a time. Embrace it, encourage it, revel in it. Love really does make the world go round.

Enjoy the energy. Know that you are supported in unseen realms. Know that you are loved. Know that you are Love.


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