Chaos and Distraction

I would love to tell you what’s going on out there, but this one is above my pay grade. It’s loud and uncomfortable, with a few scattered moments of pure bliss. One minute it feels like the pit of hell, the next it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Feels like another timeline jump.

I can tell you the incoming energy has been so strong it is pushing all the darkness out, an individual and collective purge. I usually ground the energy (through my body, into the Earth), but there is a greater need to help release the old, so I’m moving energy in the opposite direction. I’m moving it up and out my crown. This has been very helpful in relieving some physical ascension symptoms.

Speaking of ascension symptoms – wow! Mostly lungs and heart, but also headache, sinus pain, tinnitus, muscle cramps, and dramatic temperature changes. And then there’s the emotional outbursts, and general lack of focus. It’s been a rough week. I’m not planning on much improvement before the next eclipse on February 26, 2017. Just know you aren’t alone.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other, but allow the Universe a lot of flexibility right now. We are being moved to where we need to be. Free will is still required, and you need to take action in your life, but be happy with baby steps. Above us things are moving so fast all I hear most of the time is static, but on this plane, it’s like walking through mud. That’s ok.

I’ve found the most helpful things for me are to release whatever comes up (emotional or mental), keep my focus small (baby steps), and trust the Universe to put me right where I need to be. Also, your unseen team (Guides, Guardians, Angels) is readily available whenever you call. I talk out loud to mine several times a day, and can definitely feel them respond to me. You are supported.

As usual, and more so right now, stay connected. Meditate, spend time outside, sing, dance, whatever you do. Try to connect several times a day, just a few minutes here and there. Right now we all have ADD, so an hour of meditation is pretty tough, anyway.

Be gentle with yourself. All of our dimensions are being affected by this one. You are doing great. This, too, shall pass. You are supported and loved more than you know. Thank you for assisting in this transition.

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