The big theme for the past week has been an overwhelming feeling of the old path dying, the new path being unclear, and being stuck in this in-between state. Sorry for the delay in updating… I’ve been right there with you… treading water, battling shadows, and trying to find my way out. It’s been pretty rough out there. Be gentle with yourself, others, and life. This too shall pass.

On the Higher Planes, things have been quite busy. You may have even felt a lack of presence or support from your Guides. They are still there, they are just moving everything into place for the next step. They have been quite busy, and moving non-stop. They support you in more ways than you know, and will always come when you call. Remember to call. Ask them (out loud) for whatever you need. You aren’t alone. Just asking them to help me feel their presence is quite comforting.

So here’s what happened… we did a bunch of timeline jumps in September, and felt pretty good about a direction for our lives in January, then we did a bunch more jumping between eclipses in February, and now we are on a whole new timeline. Very disorienting. We had a direction, we were just getting into the swing of it, now we are completely lost… wow. Is there a map or something? Don’t worry, we are done with timeline jumping (for now), and this new direction will start to take form in the next couple of weeks.

Your body has to integrate all this also, so be kind to yourself. Lots of water, lots of sleep. Eating patterns will fluctuate, so let them. After barely eating for months, I am suddenly back up to a couple meals a day. Epsom salt baths help. Sit in the sun. Move your body gently, maybe stretching, light yoga, or a walk around the block. Support your body through this process.

On a practical level, take baby steps. Your intuition has (or will) pointed you in the right direction. Leaps and bounds aren’t required at this stage, but keep moving. Take small actions in the direction you are guided. It might feel odd to be stepping into the unknown, but the new path will get clearer by equinox, then it’s full speed ahead in April. Stay ahead of the game, and start taking small steps now.

This ascension thing isn’t for wimps! You are doing great, and you aren’t alone. You are surrounded in both the physical world and the unseen by an incredible support group. We got this!


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