Embodiment is Weird

The Mothership has lifted off… did you feel it? The first wave is now in the 5th dimension. Why are we still in physical form? Because that’s the whole point – to physically ascend. It doesn’t mean we won’t ever have another “normal” human day, but it does mean now we always have another option. Before, we had to ride the waves, but now we can choose which wave to be on. Remember in the movie ‘The Matrix’ when Neo started seeing in code? Then he could change his surroundings, just by seeing what “reality” was made of? It’s like that. This is gonna be a strange post.

Time is so different from this vantage point. You can access any point in time by calling up the energy (feeling) of it. Bring your full attention to the present moment (no future worry or past regret), then focus on a feeling (energetic, not emotional) you want to experience, then allow that feeling to be fully present now. I know this sounds like the same old psycho-babble, but this is different. As you may know, I’m disabled and slowly healing, but I have pretty dramatic ups and downs. Using this technique, I can now create a physical change when I’m having a down swing. Physical change… not just happier mental space. This is huge!

What I have so far is pretty much the usual – be fully present, keep your heart open with gratitude, and love as much as possible. From that space, play with time a bit. Play with magnetizing people and situations into your life. Just play. Be aware and experience. And talk to your body. The whole reason you get to enjoy this experience is that your body is hosting your consciousness. Support it in any way it asks.

For those not in this first wave, don’t freak out on me. It isn’t like a bus schedule… the door is open now, you can come on in whenever you’re ready. I can already hear the reply, “Wait! I’m totally ready right now!” You will be ready when your own self-mastery becomes more important than any story. More important than your job or relationship… more important than partying with your friends… more important than status or money… even more important than your own happiness. Self-mastery is the key to ascension, and only you can decide to make it a priority.

For a couple days now, all I hear is “embody”. I am still doing life stuff (laundry today), but I am taking 15 minutes, a few times each day, to be fully present and open. Higher dimensions of ourselves are descending into our bodies and our awareness. You aren’t going crazy, you’ve just outgrown the human sized box you were in. This is easier for me lying down, and sunshine or hot baths ease integration. And the work only intensifies at night. Dreamtime has been extremely busy.

So, there you have it – time travel and multi-dimensional living. Welcome to the future… in the present.


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