Holding Space

The incoming energy just keeps getting stronger. This whole weekend (Easter 2017) has been a ride of bliss and nausea for me. It’s energetically magical, but it’s a lot to embody, and my body has been pretty demanding.

My job as a human is to hold the space; to keep the container clear and strong, so the incoming energy has somewhere to live. All of us are doing this, but if you haven’t spent the time preparing the container, you can expect some leaks. Emotional, mental, and physical junk is being displaced. You can see this displacement in the collective by watching the news. Maybe just read headlines… no point in joining the chaos.

Holding space requires boundaries, and boundaries require self-knowledge. You need to know yourself really well, before you even know where to put the boundaries. Simple example: you need to know your digestive issues are caused by gluten, before you can set a boundary around not consuming gluten. Then there’s the issue of respecting your own boundary. If something, or someone, makes you feel like crap, you are the only one who can enforce your own boundary.

Understanding boundaries is increasingly important as we ascend. The Light wants a physical home, and it’s our job to make that possible. The visual with this is a chalice. When it is sitting upright, the Light easily pours in, but as we get distracted (enter the media), the cup tips over slightly, and no longer catches the full flow of Light. If we get totally pulled over, the Light we had spills out. And it is entirely our responsibility to right the chalice, to keep it upright and ready to receive.

Ultimately, this is Divine Union – the descent of Spirit into Matter. Our free will is what allows us to stay focused on our task of maintaining this chalice that we are. Only you can make room for the Light. Only you can stay balanced and upright. Only you can make the necessary corrections to your life. And most importantly, only you can set and respect your own boundaries. Free will matters. All of us fall off balance (sometimes several times in a day), but we must take responsibility to make corrections.

For me, it feels very calm when I’m in line with the Light. Like everything is in Divine hands, and obstacles are somehow removed. It feels full – both physically (like after a good meal), and emotionally (like in the arms of my Beloved). It feels light and easy. When I fall off balance, it feels scary and overwhelming. A lot of “I can’t do this by myself.” Separation. Loneliness. Lack. As soon as I become aware of those feelings, I stop what I’m doing and go meditate. Meditation is my go-to; maybe yours is walking or gardening or something else. Do that thing, and get yourself back into balance.

The incoming energy is strong, but amazing. This is evolution. Our job is to hold the space.


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