Delusion & Denial

I really don’t enjoy delivering some of these downloads. My human side is acutely aware of how difficult it is to be here, and all the complications it brings. This message isn’t for anyone actually doing the work. If you tend toward beating yourself up, you may want to stop reading now. Doing your inner work is hard, and if you’re dedicated to that end, it’s perfectly normal to have good days and bad days. No need to add judgement to that.

This message is for the spiritual bypass crowd. Those who claim to be on a spiritual path, but never have time to meditate. People who want to consider themselves spiritual without doing the work. Those who believe that if you bless your gin & tonic, it’s as good for you as drinking water. Wake up. It’s time.

Spiritual bypassing happens when we let the ego create a “spiritual identity”. When we use all the right lingo, and go to the right classes, but still eat fast food and yell at people in traffic – that’s spiritual bypassing. It is the exact same thing as the guy who goes to church every Sunday, then cheats on his wife. Hypocrisy is how it looks from the outside, but that word implies the person is aware of the discrepancy. Spiritual bypassing happens when the person actually believes their own bullshit. They truly consider themselves spiritual and connected, without actually walking their talk. Wake up.

It’s time to be completely honest with ourselves. If you don’t have time to meditate, it’s because it isn’t a priority. If you don’t eat and sleep properly, it’s because it isn’t a priority. It’s time to be accountable to ourselves. Be totally honest in your self-evalation. “But I’m trying” means you aren’t doing. Own it. The only way to move forward is to be honest about where you are right now. Totally honest.

The next level is following your guidance. Some folks are walking the path, but ignoring the signposts. The intuition says one thing, but the ego says another (that’s resistance), then you choose the ego (that’s denial). The ego naturally resists change, that’s what it’s for, but free will lets us choose what path to take. Breaking the grip of the ego takes courage, but it is how we release karma. If your intuition is clear, and you are determined to ignore it, this is also a form of spiritual bypassing. Wake up.

I know this one seemed a bit harsh, but some people are a bit stubborn, and this message was for them. As the collective ego dissolves, it will become more & more obvious where we are holding delusion & denial. By the fall of 2017 it will be undeniable, and everyone will see the lack of integrity. Remember reading ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’? It will be just like that. I think that’s why this message came through – to avoid a bigger mess later. Please wake up.


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5 Responses to Delusion & Denial

  1. Orange Flame says:

    Great message, Natha! Keep ’em comin!


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