I don’t really have a particular download to share, but I want you to know you aren’t alone. The past few days have been an intense energy roller coaster, and it feels like this will continue for most of the month. So much Light is coming in that the physical body is having a hard time keeping up. Maybe that’s the message… integration.

What’s happening is basically heaven (5th dimension) is taking up residence on earth (3rd dimension), and our physical bodies are the conduit. It isn’t nearly as pleasant as it sounds. It hurts. And it is pushing everything out that isn’t made of Unconditional Love, physical, mental, and emotional. It always hits me hardest in the body, but I’ve even noticed some mental stuff (judgement mostly) come up. This is a deep clean, whether we want it or not.

The best thing you can do is stay open, and listen to your body. “Stay open” means energetically be an open conduit. Be grounded to Earth, and open to Source. Do the Unity Breath Meditation daily, or some version of grounding both down and up. “Listen to your body” means sleep when you’re tired, drink much more water, spend time outside… do what your body asks, instead of our usual making the body comply with our wishes. We love to use caffeine and alcohol to produce physical effects, but now we need to listen instead of command.

2017 is The Year of Divine Union within each of us. Your feminine energy is your physical body, and your masculine is your consciousness (basically). You need to love and respect both to facilitate this process. Our bodies are changing as this happens… crystalline light body here we come! Evolution happens, but you can definitely support it with your free will. Make choices that are helpful to your own becoming. If you are still holding on to addictions, at least be mentally preparing to let them go. The body will eventually completely reject toxins, so be prepared to drop old habits.

Water always helps me. Drink more water. Lots more. And baths. And get in the habit of blessing or thanking your water. The world is changing. The Elementals are much more available. Be gentle with yourself as you integrate this intensity.


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