Fluid Reality

The week just keeps getting stranger, and it will continue to intensify through the eclipse in August 2017. Since I have been waiting for the shift my whole life, I’m pretty excited about how “soft” time and space are becoming, but I can see how it is probably disconcerting to many. This is really a time of great opportunity, when we can individually and collectively make great strides. Know you aren’t alone, and this is just ascension. Evolution happens, no point in fighting it. Here are some highlights…

Physically – For my group (many are ahead of me, and many behind), we are past standard ascension symptoms (general and flu-like) and into downright purging. This means that issues specific to you are coming out to be cleared. So if you got pink eye a lot as a child, and all of a sudden it’s back for no reason, it is a cellular release. Our cells are cleaning and clearing to make room for crystalline Light Body upgrades. The best thing to do with these issues is to feel them, thank them, and release them. The worst thing to do is assume you are somehow regressing and berate yourself. Trust your body. It has an intelligence of its own.

Psychologically – As issues arise, clear them in the same way – feel it, thank it, release it. At this point release isn’t really an issue, so if you can’t seem to shake something it’s probably because you haven’t dug deep enough. What may appear as jealousy or judgment may actually be rooted in self-worth. If something won’t release, look deeper. Again, this is a cleanse, and just like the physical component, it goes back for generations. Even if an issue comes up that you can’t trace to your own experiences, clear it the same way. An ancestor’s suffering may have peen passed on genetically.

Time – Wow. Just wow. I have worked with timelines my whole life, so I can say firsthand that time is changing. Before, I had to project my consciousness down a timeline to access past or future. Now, I have to keep reminding myself there is a past and future. Everything is easily accessible, and NOW is the only thing that feels real. The concept of linear time is harder and harder to keep in my brain. So if you feel spacey and scattered, this is perfectly normal. Use a calendar, a schedule, and make lists, but also be aware they may change, and that’s fine.

Your Story – This may be the strangest part. With each release, we change at a cellular level. We are literally new people. To the greatest extent possible, allow this to happen. I know some circumstances are set (like if you are raising kids), but even there allow your story to change. If you have always been serious, but suddenly want to dance around the house, then allow yourself to explore that new concept of you. We tend to think of our personality as who we really are, but it is mostly a mixture of body chemicals and stories we assign to them. As we cleanse cellularly, even our personality changes. Let it happen. Allow for the possibility of a new story.

Reality as we know it is becoming more fluid with the ascension. Going with the flow is so much easier than fighting it. Lighten up (literally) – this is where the fun starts!


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