Choice or Reaction

Remember the old placement tests at the beginning of the school year to determine what class you would be in? We’re doing that right now. We had a round of this same thing in February, if you recall, so I imagine it will continue until the eclipse on August 21, 2017.

In truth, we are constantly changing levels, based on our vibration, but right now situations are being presented to make us consciously choose a response. As these situations arise, the emotional triggers are automatic, but the key is what you do with them. The usual reaction? Unconscious knee-jerk? Awareness of another option? It is basically an awareness test. It works like this… The trigger happens, we feel it deeply, then we have a slight pause before we react to decide if we want to make a different choice. The key is in the pause… that’s the opening of awareness.

Don’t get down on yourself for the trigger or the flood of emotion – those are pretty automatic – the important part is awareness and action. When you get triggered, feel it deeply, and really be conscious of how it feels, and where it’s stored in your body. Then just stop for a minute. Feel it and let it go, then consciously choose your next move. For me, this has been a lot of short meditations and reframing mentally. My go-to emotion is anger, and silly little things have been setting me off, just to bring awareness to deeper issues I’m ready to release. Please remember the trigger and the emotion aren’t “bad” – you didn’t miss the ascension boat. This is about choosing and owning the actions, words, and thoughts that follow.

No one is judging you, or tripping you up, this is just an awareness boost. Awareness and responsibility allow us more access to our free will, which allows us access to higher timelines. This is just helping us to take advantage of the higher vibrations available to us. Your Soul is pushing you to grow, that’s all.

Some people won’t notice the pause, the choice point, between trigger and reaction. Some will only see it in hindsight. And some will seize the moment, to redirect fate. None of these options is wrong, people are where they are. It’s important we accept that everyone is on their own path. But if you want to kick it up a notch and push your own growth, be aware of the pause. Choose, don’t simply react.


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