Soul Alignment

Integrity. Walk your true path, on all levels, thought, word, and deed. This has been an ongoing theme this whole year, but it has reached a screaming pitch in the last 24 hours. That solar eclipse really meant business.

If you are in pain, at any level (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual), you have fallen out of alignment with your soul path. It doesn’t even have to be very far out of alignment to bring your full attention to the issue at this point. So what hurts? Acknowledge it, feel it, and figure out how to realign yourself. As soon as you do, the pain stops… at least until you get triggered or distracted again, and fall back out of alignment. The visual is a pillar of light with segments that can slide sideways, thus restricting the flow. Restriction hurts, and it’s entirely self-inflicted.

So how do you know what your soul path is? There are many bread crumbs to follow on that one, but a good short-cut is the North Node of the moon on your birth chart. A great book is Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller. There is a chart in front to determine your North Node (which is NOT usually your Sun sign), and each one is only about 30 pages of reading. It may not all resonate, but it gives a general direction. For example, having my North Node in Aquarius tells me my life path isn’t about me, it’s about service. On the other hand, if your North Node is in Leo, your life path is learning to take charge and take center stage. Everyone has a different path, so aligning with your soul is very individual. It’s up to you to discover, and align, with your path.

Again, just a reminder, this isn’t a judgement or punishment. There is simply so much energy flowing through us, that keeping that conduit open is vital at this point. The only reason we fall out of alignment is because of addiction (attachment) to our stories, and maladaptive behaviors. Keeping your self in alignment will mean letting go of some part of your old story, and that will result in changes in your life. Many fear change more than pain, so they will just stay where they are and hurt. It’s a choice.

If you have been reading, and meditating, and still feel shaky about your path, just use intention every morning, and gratitude every night. Intend that your actions be guided to your Highest Good, and mentally review your blessings each night before you sleep. Keep talking to your guides, and request whatever assistance you need. There is so much support right now. And be mindful of your self-talk – be sure it reflects who you want to be when you grow up.

So much is happening right now. Align yourself, and receive the full flow of the energies!


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