Gatekeeper Duties

So, I got “promoted” to Gatekeeper in March 2017. Sounds cool, but it didn’t come with a manual, or even a job description, just the announcement of the new title. Like most of my life, it’s been trial and error. I have been wanting to write on healing and abundance, but they slip away from me when I sit down, and I just keep thinking this Gatekeeper thing is tough… Ahhh, maybe I should write about that experience. Sometimes, I’m a little slow.

So, what I’ve discovered over the past 6 months is that being a Gatekeeper is really being an embodiment of a Stargate, and it’s a lot of work. When the energies flow into the Earth field, each of us hold and transmute what we can, even if we aren’t aware of it. Awakened humans are aware of something going on, and voluntarily contribute to the process, which means everything from personal growth to planetary group meditations. Then there is Embodiment, which is actively working out ego issues, to allow Spirit to occupy more space in the physical body, which benefits all. Then there are the Gatekeepers… we are basically acting as birthing canals… grounding rods to materialize the incoming energies.

This isn’t a hierarchy thing – everyone is playing a vital role, just know there are different roles to be played. I’m honestly not sure how I got here. I was pretty happy with the Way-shower gig, and I kinda miss the writing. Maybe this is temporary duty. Maybe it was just my curiosity about Gatekeeping. All I know for sure is that this job takes all of my energy, and all I can do is honor the process, and support my body.

Gatekeeping is a very physical thing. I can feel different parts and levels of my body being affected. I ask my body almost hourly, “What do you need?” and I comply, no matter how odd the request. It could be anything from a hot bath or a nap, to a spoonful of coconut oil or some yoga. It’s pretty random, and quite pressing. Definitely a feeling of urgency. It has given me a whole new level of respect for my body (resilient little thing), because the energies running through me are really intense. When a wave comes through, my head tingles (crown chakra opening), my hands get super hot, and I’m pretty sure my eyes glaze over (at least it feels like it). Can’t miss it. But recovery is quick, if I honor the body’s requests.

That’s where I’m at, and where I’ve been. I plan to keep writing, but the ascension is top priority right now. The only messages coming through are the usual ones: feel, see, and release old patterns; commit to a daily practice of some kind; keep your heart open with gratitude; ask for help from your guides; honor your body… I think the only new one is that things should be smoother now…

Let’s use work, because no one loves going to work everyday. It’s still perfectly normal to have bad days, and to dislike your alarm clock, but it should no longer be something you loath. Same with relationships. If you are experiencing anything as “soul crushing” or stressful to the point of turmoil, then you are missing the lesson and the opportunity to leave. At this point suffering is over quickly, if you are willing to dive in, find the core issue, and fully see and feel it. Resistance to healing is what is causing the prolonged suffering. It is only waiting for you to release it.

That’s it for now. Today starts the 2-week eclipse window, so that will mean extra meditation time for me. As stuff comes up, just let it go without judgement. Make room for all the incoming energy… there’s a lot of it!

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2 Responses to Gatekeeper Duties

  1. Marie Coveley says:

    Loved this! Just picked up this particular blog of Natalie’s ‘share your mission’ post!!

    A very helpful read. Thank you!!

    Sending love

    Marie xxxx


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