Hold Your Own Space

And sometimes the princess saves the prince… Your own divine Feminine is holding the space and guarding your Divine Masculine. At least, that’s the plan. Your feminine energy is creating a womb, a place of safety, for your masculine energy to launch from. Meaning, action is delayed until there is a solid foundation. Be your own hero(ine), and keep steady. In thought, word, and deed, stay focused on what you want to create, instead of being sidetracked by the insanity of the outside world (including personal relationships).

This is when the true Light Warriors emerge, because so much of our old life is now (or is going to be) collateral damage. Are you willing to die for this mission? I’m talking ego death here, which is more frightening than physical death. The body wants to live, to be sure, but it doesn’t fear death. Fear is the ego grasping at it’s own delusions. Are you willing to let all your old stories die? The 5th dimension doesn’t have ego attachments, so dissolving the ego veil is required.

This transition is happening naturally, and all we have to do is let go. Anything that hurts is an attachment. Any drama is unresolved ego attachment. We have been preparing for this for years, and those who have done their inner work are ready for this shift.  Those who haven’t… they are now on the fast track. They will stay at an ego vibration until they choose otherwise. No one can be saved, it must be accomplished from within. Put on your own mask before helping others… You will do more to help people by being an example, than by sacrificing (martyring) yourself.

Listen to your body, and honor it with whatever it needs. The energies have been so strong, you may not even know what it needs. When in doubt, drink a glass of water and lie flat on your back for 5 minutes, preferably outside in the sun. This works wonders. Call it a non-smoking break, and do it often. My need for water has at least doubled, and eating doesn’t feel good, so I’m keeping that to a minimum. Keep your root chakra open, and listen to your body. You totally have permission to nap… there’s a lot going on.

Hold your space, Warriors of Light… This is what we came for.


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4 Responses to Hold Your Own Space

  1. John V Love says:

    Great last line, Natha!


  2. Jean Maire says:

    As always, right on target. I love beyond words your continual confirmation of my experience. Thank you, Natha.


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