Integration Hurts!

We all felt a big shift at the eclipse, and we were told the full moon 10 days ago would bring up that same eclipse energy, but no one mentioned adding solar flares to the mix. Wow. The past 10 days have been really, really rough. Weird ascension symptoms, physical pain, emotional turbulence, odd sleeping patterns, odd eating patterns, and this overwhelmingly loud ringing in my ears. All I really have to say is that you aren’t alone.

Every time I check-in I am shown something like a puzzle with moving parts, being built while I (and others) are in a holding pattern, waiting to be added. I keep hearing “not yet”. It like everything is being aligned before we will all be set into motion on this new track. I must admit, I’m not having fun right now. I like action and goals and “doing”, so being told to wait only adds to the discomfort. Sitting still is hard for me. Especially with all the painful symptoms going on. I’m sure you can relate.

The only things I can actually “do” is meditate on integration, honor the needs of my body, and ask for support from my Guides, all of which ease the process a bit… at least temporarily. The problem with losing the 4th dimension (time) is that the only moment is NOW, and when now sucks… Just remember, even though you can’t connect with them, you had better times in the past, and you will have better times in the future. The NOW is eternal, yet it is constantly changing.

Stay in gratitude and love as much as possible. We can always redirect our thoughts, and our thoughts create our experience. Our minds are little reality makers. So while there are definitely external circumstances going on, you get to choose where to put your focus. Pain happens, suffering is optional.

We are being truly supported in Higher Realms. Remember to connect with your teams, and ask for what you need. The veils are so very thin. Ask, and be open to receive. Then be patient with this process, and gentle with your body. There is so very much going on right now, and we’ll get to join the dance soon. Be well.


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