We have spent all year uniting our internal Divine Feminine with our internal Divine Masculine, and now we can walk in balance, and demonstrate this Union. Our Feminine is our ability to hold space and listen, while our Masculine is the action we take through our conscious free will. When both are present and balanced, there’s no stopping us. We are ready to move with mastery.

Mastery isn’t the same as perfection. Mistakes will be made. Mastery is the ability to see the mistake, learn from it, and return to center quickly. The more willing you are to give yourself to this process, the quicker you can resolve the issue. Jump into the shadow work with both feet, because drowning is no longer a concern. You know ego shadows rise and fall, and it isn’t as troubling as it once was.

Move to whatever you resonate with. Allow your life to move in the direction of your soul. When you are going the right way you will notice many serendipities. When you are going the wrong way, obstacles will continually block your way. And if you are in almost constant suffering, you are simply off your path entirely. The frequencies available at this point are so high, anyone willing to apply themselves to clearing their own ego shadows can raise their frequency quickly. At this point, suffering isn’t necessary, but it’s still an option.

Your old methods of anesthetizing yourself (checking out) will no longer work like they used to. For example, if a night of heavy drinking used to ward off your personal issues, you can expect it to now make them worse. Why? Because this is a time of mastery, not denial and escape. The good news is, moving through issues is faster than ever before. Allow yourself to identify, and deeply feel, each issue as it comes up, then release it. If it keeps returning, you just haven’t found the root yet. When you do, it’s like removing a splinter – so much relief, and almost immediate healing.

Timelines are back in play – FINALLY! We have been basically floating in time for a year and a half. They’re more stable now, but our movement between them is totally fluid. Simply changing your mindset can shift the timeline you’re on. Play with this. Notice how the quality of your thoughts directly impacts the world around you. Proof that we change the world from within.

Listening to the body is essential right now. If you need more connection to your body, have a dialog with it several times a day. Ask it what it needs, and then do that. If you still need direction, here it is – eat right, exercise, and meditate. Seriously. Eating right is different for everyone (meat, dairy, vegan), but no one needs processed foods or GMOs. Exercise is different for everyone, but some kind of movement for 20-30 minutes daily is just healthy. Meditation might be sitting quietly or dancing (or whatever), but find a way to clear your mind and connect to these energies. Support your body.

The energies are here, and you are ready. Let us walk in Mastery.


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