Ascension Hurts!

I’m not sure why I never considered the pain involved in cellular change, but I didn’t. Probably for the same reason people generally refer to the beauty and magic of childbirth, when in reality it is blood, sweat, swearing, and tears. It’s the thing you endure to get to the prize on the other side – a new creation. Totally worth it, but amazingly unpleasant.

Everything being written right now on this subject is focused on the beautiful outcome. I suppose that’s how we get through the pain. While it’s always good to remember where we’re headed, and that it’s totally worth it in the end, I’m here to validate the pain – you are not alone.

I am working consciously on so many levels 24/7, that I at least know the point of all this, but it still hurts. As the crystalline body activates, there are shooting pains, jumping muscles, and itching under the skin. It’s hard to breathe, like being under water. I’m eating like I’m starving. My body temperature fluctuates wildly, and sometimes different parts are extremely different temperatures. This week, my sinuses have joined the game, and I’m pretty sure I can taste my brain melting. Eww.

The point is simply that there are a lot of very strange physical symptoms going on, so before you decide you have some rare condition, try talking to your body. Our biggest job right now is supporting our bodies. Water, rest, and sunlight. Talk to your body, and more importantly, listen to your body.

There is always a call for mental mastery – you get to choose what you dwell on. If you get pulled into judgement or self-pity or some other limiting thought circle, find a way to change the channel. For me, cleaning helps. It gives me a task to focus on, and I listen to music. If that doesn’t do it, I meditate. Find what works for you, and change the channel in your brain whenever it gets off track.

Then you can get back to the business of becoming… Talk to your body. Say encouraging things. Let it know you are supporting it. Do whatever it needs. Some days movement is key, other days it’s rest. Start a dialog. Get to know the physical being that has been hosting your consciousness, just as we are getting to know the planet who has been hosting human life. Treat both well.

Yes, the pain will be worth it. The beings in higher dimensions are getting really excited. Like they are preparing a huge celebration… a birth. You are supported, witnessed, and celebrated, more than I can convey. Yes, it’s worth it, even when it hurts.


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