I just wanted to share my experience, so you know you aren’t alone. I’ve spent more time processing incoming energies through my body than ever before. We need a new word for this level of exhaustion. Yet, it’s only physical exhaustion, emotionally and energetically I feel amazing. Mentally, I occasionally have to remind myself that this is just a phase of physical integration, and not to let my frequency drop by thinking negative thoughts about it.

There is a definite call for mental mastery at this point. We get to choose the stories we tell ourselves, and that creates our reality. Are those aches from ascension, or from aging? Are old dramas coming up to be cleared, or are you stuck in the same cycle? The story you tell your body matters. While it is important to be totally honest with yourself, you are still responsible for the story you commit to. I tend to look at everything as a possible truth, then go with the one that allows me to grow.

Some of the physical symptoms I’ve had in the last few days: Sudden exhaustion, odd sleeping patters, itching, twitching while trying to fall asleep, coughing while sleeping, strange dreams, strange food cravings, eyesight comes and goes, cold flashes, waves of vertigo, waves of nausea, entire nervous system on and off, changing sense of gravity, and lots of flu-like pain. Emotionally, there has been clearing of old patterns to make room for these upgrades. When an emotional pattern shows up, I just look at how it worked in my life, then let it go. It’s much faster than the physical, for me.

Time seems completely irrelevant, as past and future give way to the eternal present moment. This month has moved so slow, yet we are already halfway through it. Stepping outside of time to embody multi-dimensional reality seems like science fiction at its best, yet here we are. Stay present, and stay in gratitude. Show your mental mastery.

We are all at a different place on the journey, and that’s perfect. Even those on the same wave are working on different nights. This is so one group and function as a Stargate and bring in new codes, while another can get some sleep to integrate. Then they switch, about every three days right now. This is to allow the body to ingrate successfully. The higher dimensional teams are trying to be gentle, it’s just a lot coming in.

Physically, be gentle with yourself. Your body is doing some serious work right now. Eat organic, take baths, drink a lot of water, spend time outside, and sleep as much as you can.

Emotionally, be willing to let go of old coping mechanisms. They won’t work anymore anyway. When you find one, really look at how you used it in your life, and be willing to release it.

Mentally, stay present, and stay in gratitude. Always. When things start to suck, mind your mind. Monitor your stories. Self mastery is mental mastery.

Welcome to the transition to 5D. 2018 is going to be interesting!


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