Ducks In A Row

Actually, my Guides knowing who I am, said, “Time to get your shit together,” but putting your ducks in a row sounds better. They were speaking both individually and collectively. Anywhere we have been lost in denial, the truth will find us, and it will be painfully abrupt. This isn’t meant to scare or threaten, just to give you some awareness of the upcoming energy. Actually, the energy of the moment is pretty smooth. I expect the truth to hit us after the eclipse on January 31, 2018.

You are fully capable of handling whatever comes up, and once acknowledged, it moves through quickly. Well, acknowledged and acted on. Once you are aware of an issue, corrective action must be taken, or it will quickly worsen. If you have been ignoring your intuition about a needed change, expect to be right in the middle of that storm, until you take the action needed. It’s like training wheels for your free will. Once you are willing to take the steps yourself, the drama drops away, and the path opens.

Several topics were flying around my head this morning, so instead of repeating myself, I will include links to past writings.

Discernment – Even though no one is judging you, neither are all choices equal. Some things will evolve you, and some thing won’t. Doing yoga is just better for you (physically and spiritually) than getting high, even though neither one is “bad”. Don’t look at life as a dogma, but use your discernment in everything.

Spiritual Ego – There have been many people writing about this one. Remember, psychic or healing abilities are NOT the same as self-mastery (ego work). Beware of anyone trying to own and sell the answers (or cures). Yes, it can be quite beneficial to work with a teacher or healer, just be careful who you pick, and keep a constant watch on the relationship. Long story short: Love heals all, and look within for answers. Anyone pushing fear and dogma should be avoided. Build a strong spiritual foundation.

Integration – This is a physical ascension process, and the body is working overtime to make the adaption happen. Please be kind and gentle with your body. Speak and think nicely to it. I promise, it’s doing the best it can. Many people are getting sick as a forced rest. My immune system is stellar, so I got a couple injuries to keep me still. Nothing bad, but quite effective. Listen to your body – water and rest! And I’m getting that some of you are still missing the point… This isn’t woo-woo belief, this is actual changes to the DNA. Medical science will find these anomalies soon, and blood work will show the changes. The “new humans” are, in fact, new. It hurts.

Honesty – Be completely honest with yourself first, then others. Self-honesty isn’t self-judgement. It isn’t a reason to beat yourself up, just to take a real look at where you are on your path. Honesty with others isn’t ego-dumping. If you can’t avoid blame, then you aren’t ready to share. Hurt people, hurt people. Get your head on straight before you speak, so you don’t just spread your pain. Speak your truth thoughtfully.

Addiction and Attachment – Stop justifying addiction and attachment with 3 D words and beliefs. “I know this is an abusive relationship, but I’m in love, so I can’t leave.” Abuse isn’t love, so just own the attachment. “Marijuana is medicine, so I smoke some every morning.” Numbing out isn’t medicinal, so just own the addiction. Once you are willing to own something, and see it clearly, you have the power to change it. 2018 isn’t the year for denial, so really look at your life.

We are about to take off on this amazing ride called 2018. Be sure your ducks are in a row!


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