~ Revisiting Morality ~

I don’t believe in Divine Judgement, but I am a firm believer that humans misinterpret things on a regular basis. No higher authority is judging your actions, but it is just as incorrect to say “it’s all God, so it’s all good”, and then make poor choices. Free will most definitely matters, and some choices will evolve you, while others won’t. What if what became moral teachings in religion were really just tips on how to evolve more efficiently? What if the Mystery School teachings are hidden by dogma? Let’s take another look at morality.

Remove all judgements, of yourself and others, and look at these concepts with fresh eyes. Keep your mind open, and just ponder the possibilities…

I have always joked that my life is a delicate balance of the seven deadly sins… sloth and gluttony are always in the lead, but thankfully vanity takes a close third. The seven deadly sins are a Catholic adaption of older lists of vices, and the current interpretation of the list varies a bit, but I will discuss the list as I remember it. Remember, this isn’t about which “sins” are named, it’s about seeing morality in a different light.

Sloth – What if this is about being lazy, not with outward action, but with doing inner work? What if it warns about being stagnant in our personal growth?

Gluttony – What if this warns about the danger of addiction? Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Hedonism (living solely for the pursuit of physical pleasure) falls under this title.

Vanity – What if this is about being ego-bound, and totally self-involved? Our current definition of “toxic person” or “narcissist” falls in this category.

Pride – What if this is simply about separation? If I think I’m better than you, I am setting myself up to be alone.

Wrath (Vengeance) – What if this is about judgement and projection? Throwing our baggage on other people, instead of owning our reactions. Or maybe to warn against victim mentality, using blame instead of making boundaries.

Greed – What if this warns about living from a sense of lack? Or maybe to remind us that we can all live by sharing, but only a few benefit from hoarding.

Envy (Jealously) – What if this warns of the pitfall of looking outside oneself for validation? Constantly searching for happiness and wholeness on the outside, and through comparison.

Most Mystery School teachings are hidden in a backward form like this. Instead of “don’t be prideful”, read it as “remember you are One”. So what would the opposites be? What are the seven life-affirming messages? Here’s one possibility…

Sloth becomes Seeker (do your inner work)
Gluttony becomes Discernment (make choices that evolve you)
Vanity becomes Inspired (being your true and unique self, which can’t be compared)
Pride becomes Oneness (we are all on separate, but equal, paths to the same Source)
Wrath becomes Forgiveness (of self and others, and reclaiming personal power)
Greed becomes Generosity (everyone wins when we share)
Envy becomes Solitude (look within, not outside yourself)

When you consider these “sins” from a more mystical angle, what lessons do you see? What pitfalls are they warning against? In what way are they trying to give you guidance to make life easier, to promote evolution?

And what about marriage and monogamy? What if “marriage” represents commitment, and “monogamy” is about discernment? What if sexual energy is so powerful it should be handled carefully, and treated as sacred? What if these concepts have nothing to do with right and wrong, but only proper use of energy?

And the three Graces – Charm, Beauty, and Creativity? All three are developed from within. Charm could be the magnetic field of an open heart. Beauty might be the spark of an awakened eye. Creativity is the divinity of humanity… that’s why kids love art projects.

Much to ponder here. All I know for sure is that literal interpretations of Divine writings are always brutal. Let the Mystery of life come through everything, and revisit beliefs often.


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