Keep On Dying

I know I’ve written several times about giving up the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, but keep going. It’s not just  the negative stuff that has to go, it’s everything. Our stories are not just defining our suffering, they are also limiting our evolution.

Everyone is on board with giving up stories of victim mentality, but it’s a little harder to give up the good stuff. I have always identified deeply as a Warrior… that identification is no longer serving me. I not happy to see that one go, yet it’s a matter of evolve or remain, so I evolve.

Letting go of old identities is never easy. We get rather attached to this personality. At the same time, evolution happens. Do you evolve or remain? Ego death is definitely a death, but this is actually a rebirth, into a higher vibration of yourself. What is the higher vibration of a Warrior? I have no idea, but I’m about to find out.

Change is the only constant. Everything is either in a state of growth or decay. It just is. Are you willing to leap into the unknown, and discover a whole new identity? Or will you keep defending the old personality, right to the bitter end? No one is judging you, there is no right and wrong here, yet the choices are not equal. Free will matters.

In order for our Higher Selves to descend, we have to make room. In order for our physical bodies to ascend, we need to let go. Let go of your mind’s creation, and let your Divine spark ignite. Keep on dying, and letting the new come through.

PS – I keep hearing the song ‘Returning” by Jennifer Berezan. Check it out – it’s comforting.


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