There are so many things going on right now, it’s really hard to focus long enough to even make a list, but I’ll put down what I can remember. The big message is you aren’t alone. The ascension process affects us all a little differently, depending on our role and where we are based on free will, but the process is happening regardless. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Time – As someone who has always had a eye on the future, living entirely in the fluidity of the NOW was a serious challenge at first. At this point in my journey, there’s little struggle left. Anytime I feel “out of control” (recovering control freak here), I now see it as a sign that I am not fully present, in this very moment. Worry is attachment to the future, and depression is attachment to the past. Being fully present alleviates both. Time (4th dimension) is deconstructing, so the only point available to us is NOW. Practice presence.

Body Wisdom – Honor and protect your body. This is a physical ascension, so our bodies are changing at a cellular level. Remember that the body wants to be healthy – it strives for life and health. That said, it has to clear and process cellular trash (memory), not just from your life, but from everyone in your bloodline. That’s a lot. All the strange symptoms you’ve been having aren’t a sign of physical disease, but of the body purging, cleansing, and searching for health and balance. Give your body whatever it needs, even if it is unusual.
On that note, the symptoms I’ve had recently are: vertigo, nausea, blurry vision, sinus pain, digestive issues, organ pain (it changes organs every few days), cold flashes, lungs feeling cold and heavy, and various pains, just to name a few.

Changes – As we bring these higher frequencies into physical reality, things around you just naturally shift to match. For me, this has been an almost compulsive drive to clean out closets, and get new shoes. Yes, I know… my world is strange. If you knew how much I resist change, coupled with my aversion to shopping, you would start to understand the significance. Whatever needs to shift in your life will get more and more pressing, until something has to give. Best just to throw out the old stuff now.

Guides & Meditation – My guides are gone. I feel a bit lost without the voices I’ve spent my whole life with, but the guidance is all internal at this point. The need to meditate is also gone, as I feel like I am almost always in that state. This is all part of integration – really being the change. Embodying the higher frequencies. Dreams are very lucid, and much of our work happens there.

Way-showers – There are so many of us on so many different phases… I can no longer reach the human level. Instead of feeling like I want to share insights to assist others on their journey, I just feel like they will get there in their own time. It looks like apathy, but it’s just complete trust in the Plan. This is where you come in – start that blog, or vlog, or Facebook updates, or whatever you have to offer. Let people know they aren’t alone by sharing your experiences. We can each give a hand to the next wave. That’s how we get through this…together.
Here are a couple people I follow:
Sandra Walter – newsletter 
Lisa Brown – energy report 
Natalia Alba – new moon report

So take exquisite care of your body to assist it in integrating all these changes. And share your experiences with others, to assist them in integrating all these changes.


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2 Responses to Integration

  1. Monica Wou says:

    This is so helpful as it speaks to where I am and also to my struggles of staying totally present though I’m finding it somewhat easier all the time.


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