~ Being Fully Human ~

I know a teacher who says she teaches humans how to be gods. My niche is a bit smaller. I teach gods how to be human.

For many years, I had a great fear of being human, mostly because the people around me telling me I needed to be more human were totally ego-bound, lost in addiction, drama, and attachment. After much observation, I have decided that type of behavior isn’t “human” at all, because to be fully human we have to balance two things – the physical body and the Higher Mind.

The body is full of chemical reactions and genetic memory. The Higher Mind is the observer consciousness (not to be confused with the monkey mind of the ego). Combining the two results in a human… a real, full, true human. Most people at this point (2018) are still functioning at the more primal (or animal) physical and ego level. I generally refer to them as “muggles” (non-magic folk, from Harry Potter). They just aren’t awake yet, and their Higher Mind (Higher Self, intuition) is still too quiet to be noticed.

The Mystery School side of this is fascinating. The body is your feminine energy, and the Higher Mind is your masculine energy. This has absolutely nothing to do with gender or gender roles, and everyone has these two energies within them. Please keep this in mind as we continue, and reread this paragraph anytime you feel triggered in a gender wound way.

In many religious teachings, the body is shunned, as are women. From Eve eating the apple, to women being property, to witch burnings, all things female have been framed as weak and immoral. From a Mystery School perspective, we can see that the body, without Higher Mind guidance, is basically an animal. It’s hairy, and smelly, and has hormones to assure continued reproduction of the species. From an animalistic point of view, there is nothing wrong with any of that. Animals aren’t immoral, they’re amoral. They are driven by instincts and chemicals, without much thought of consequence.

This is why so many New Age teachings say the feminine energy is wild and unpredictable. It’s Nature. It’s our primal, physical side. The problem is, the body is also prone to addiction, and it houses the ego. Thus the issues with the Hedonistic ideals of placing pleasure above all else, as the primary goal of life.

There’s not much to say about the Higher Mind, except that it longs for a physical from to inhabit. Being fully human allows that to happen.

Now, reframe these biblical concepts with the above in mind…

In the beginning, God created the Earth (a physical platform to descend into)
Adam was lonely, so Eve was created from his rib, as a companion (the masculine energy entered the physical body, to become one)
Men should be the head of the household, while women should obey his commands (your Higher Mind should lead your physical body, to keep you from addiction)

Go through every misogynistic religious teaching you’ve ever come across, and retell it in the form of combining your own two polarities. It’s truly a shame religious writings are now taken so literally. The symbolism is where the gold is.

So where are you in this balancing act? Is your body (and ego) leading the way to drama and addiction? Is you Higher Mind still yearning for a physical home? Your body is a Temple… cherish it, repair it, clean it, because it is host to your Higher Mind. When those two meet as partners, it is true Divine Union. That is what it means to be fully human.


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