New Magic

I know at the forefront of this step, many of us are not yet seeing and feeling the effect of the higher timelines. Be patient. Things have been realigned in the etheric, so it will soon manifest in the physical. In the interim, we have the opportunity for greater Mastery. This will further prepare us for the upcoming changes.

No matter what you are experiencing, on any level, you have complete control of your thoughts. How you mentally frame a situation makes all the difference in your quality of experience. Personal example: I have a neurological disorder, which comes with good days and bad days. It’s easy to be positive on the good days, but on the bad days I need to be very aware of my thought process. Am I upset because I’m not physically healed yet, or am I impressed at how well my body is doing with all the energetic shifts? By Western medical estimates, I should have died about a decade ago. Am I going to dissolve into self-pity and self-loathing, or am I going to celebrate my abilities as a healer, having exceeded all  expectations?

Who do I want to be? Either view is defendable, and there is no right and wrong here. It’s just a choice. And don’t get me wrong – some days it’s a really, really hard choice. I am a huge fan of honesty, but honesty doesn’t need to be pessimistic. Whether I’m ascending or dying isn’t the issue, it’s who I want to be in the process. The future takes care of itself, but we need to be fully awake, and aware of the present, and how we are framing our experience. How we mentally construct the present dictates the future.

So, the new magic (I just like that word) has a lot to do with reframing. It’s also about balancing our Masculine energy, our “doing”. We definitely need to take steps in the direction we want to go, but also graciously accept redirection. A perfect balance of action and surrender. This is Mastery. Put it out there, then let the path appear, instead of either doing nothing, or trying to control every aspect. This is a great time to get to know Ganesha (Hindu god of obstacles), because roadblocks are just redirection… if you choose to see it that way.

Play with the possibility that life isn’t meant to be hard. Maybe we just picked up a false conditioning. Maybe the energy is just lighter now than it was before. Maybe we did everything the hard way to eliminate that option for the future. Maybe, just maybe, living can be easier now. Focus on joy and ease. Still hate your job? Focus on what it allows you to do… afford life. And let that living spread into all you do, even that awful job. Who do you want to be? Be that person all the time.  

The outer circumstances reflect the inner definitions. All change comes from within. As you change your mental constructs, the outer world moves to match the new vibration. Yes, this has always been the case, but now it’s almost instant. Play with this, and prove it to yourself. Stop yourself mid-negative thought, consciously reframe your beliefs, and see what happens. If you go back into negative thinking, just keep changing the channel. Mastery takes constant awareness, and the effort to make changes.

Mental mastery brings in the new magic, and it’s beautiful!


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