Doing and Being

As we complete yet another week of jumping timelines, we are now faced with a decision about what we will allow to continue. Many people have come to the “I’m not doing this anymore;” point. This is the timeline split in action. It feels very calm, at least after the storm that brought it up. This isn’t an angry foot-stomping type thing, just a choice to do something different. It feel almost eerily calm and centered in the decision to release old patterns. Some will join you on this new timeline, some won’t. It’s okay to let people go-  honor their choice also.

Again, we need to balance action (masculine, doing) with flow (feminine, being). We are being asked to show up every single day, with total awareness of our thoughts, words and deeds. And after we take the action necessary, we are being asked to let the Universe take over and guide us to our destination. Some struggle with doing, others struggle with being. For me it almost depends on the day. But still, if we keep showing up with complete awareness, the integration of these two polarities becomes easier.

By “showing up” I am talking about self-honesty and action. Extreme example – If you are an alcoholic, first you have to be honest with yourself about the addiction, then you need to take action to get the support you need to change. Show up to your life, and take the action needed to keep it on track.

All that said, “showing up” may just be total awareness at this point. The timeline jumping is doing a number on practical plans. Projects and direction are still shifting wildly, so don’t get too attached to a certain road. Still, awareness, honesty, and integrity are always the foundation of any personal evolution, so that is our daily work.

Self-honesty is a big deal right now, to properly move onto your highest timeline. Take a long, hard look at your life. If you want to double-check your assessment, look at the 5 people closest to you. Who do you prefer to be around? That is exactly where you are. Want to know where other people are? Look at their group. For me, I tend to ignore and justify all kinds of crazy behavior in others, so I’ve learned to widen my view, and also take note of their peers. It all becomes clear when you gather more info.

Another good tip at this point is deciding what you don’t want, rather than what you do. Let the Universe pick out something even more fabulous than you could dream up. The only parameters you need to define are what you don’t want. For example, saying you want a yellow VW Bug limits the field to a yellow VW Bug. But saying “any car, but not white,” leaves the field wide open. This isn’t necessarily for stuff, but very valuable for relationships and situations. A big one right now is simply, “I’m not willing to work this hard anymore” regarding relationships. Knowing what you don’t want is setting a boundary.

Support your body!!! Do whatever your body asks, and treat it like your child or a loving pet. Be an asset to yourself. Speak kindly to your body – it’s really working hard! I have been taking drops called Cellfood (available on Amazon) which seem to make my body happy. Also, gentle movement, time outside, and epsom salt soaks are favorites for me. Listen to your own guidance… and follow it!

On a mental/spiritual level, I recommend the Gene Keys Golden Path to keep you going in the right direction, especially when the world seems topsy-turvey. It’s nice to have some direction and focus sometimes.

Keep up the good work… we know it isn’t easy. Thank you for showing up to your life, and integrating all that doing and being. You got this!


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