In Awe of You

Sometimes small epiphanies can change your world, if you let them. The problems arise when we judge ourselves on our past, based on present understanding. We were all asleep at some point, then we woke up. Furthermore, awakening isn’t a light switch, it’s a process. So, while the first wake up experience may have been very powerful, it only marks the start of an endless unfolding.

Allow yourself to evolve, without attaching (judging) the past. Let it go. Just see the issue from the new light you have, and watch in awe at your ability to heal. Let it go. This takes some practice, because we are all programmed to feel guilty for our “sins”, but missing the mark is just part of our learning curve. Once you know better, do better. Don’t obsess with past ignorance.

I had a very vivid dream last night, where I was at some kind of retreat, and we were supposed to ask our Higher Self for something. I am pretty happy with my life so it took me a minute to find something. “I guess I’ll ask for healing,” I said to myself. Then I heard a voice reply, “You want health, not healing. You don’t need healing.” Even in the dream, this knowledge vibrated in my body, and I was dazed by the new understanding (in a good way). Allow the change of perspective to happen.

To embody these changes use movement and joy. They are both physical and mental changes, so moving your body in a playful and happy way helps move the energy. Dance. Skip. Laugh. Even if it is just watching a funny movie while you sit on the floor and stretch, it counts. Try to keep it light this week, and just allow things to shift. I am also supporting my body with extra water and a detox regimen. Do what you need to support your playful process.

I expect things to change rapidly in the next three months, and allowing yourself to be different (even from day to day) will ease the turbulence. As long as you are moving more towards love and compassion, you are evolving. Moving more toward fear is just ego resistance. Let others do what they choose, and keep evolving anyway. At a certain point, it actually becomes fun to remove old patterns. Look what I found! Don’t need that anymore!

Your body wants to heal. Your mind wants to heal. They will heal themselves if you just let them. Get out of the way. Give yourself love and support, and just let everything return to equilibrium, to perfect health. Your Spirit is always whole and healthy, and calling the rest of you back. Stand in awe of your ability to heal. Witness your own evolution.

You aren’t the only one watching… realms of the unseen (other dimensional beings) are also watching, supporting, and cheering as we take the next steps in our ascension process. Connect with them however you can (meditate, pray). Feel the love and support they bring, as we all watch in awe… of you.


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