Heavy Energy

As you may have read in various energy forecasts, August 2018 is supposed to be lighter. What? Then what’s going on? Well, several things…

We are still mid-eclispe season, so until the final eclipse of this series on August 11, things can be a bit intense. Eclipses shift energy around, and tend to present choice points – Do I want to handle this the usual way, or try something new? So, a lot of old programming comes to the spotlight. It just allows you to reconsider the script, it’s not simply a rerun.

We have suddenly come to the time when it will now get easier and easier to be a higher vibrational being, which also means it will get harder and harder to approach life through the ego. Sounds lovely, but what’s happening is the ego fragments you still hold are being burnt out. That’s just as painful as it sounds. The ego always dies a messy death, even when it is just wounded – dramatic little bugger. So, if you have personal stories leveling their full weight on your existence, try not to worry too much. It’ll pass… like a kidney stone, most likely.

We are getting regular blasts to the 3rd (solar plexus) and 4th (heart) chakras. These are upgrades, and doing exactly what’s needed, but you can’t miss them. Talk about hot flashes! I know we are no longer considering ascension symptoms to be a “bad” thing, and there is nothing wrong with feeling them, but I feel them strongly so you aren’t alone if you  are having random and localized hot flashes. And the ringing in the ears has started new frequencies… and a tapping sound, only on one side. Point is, be kind to your body, because a lot is going on.

And into that mix all the retrograde planets, including Mercury, and it’s like wading through mud. It really will get easier as the eclipse passes, but it’s totally fine if your world isn’t butterflies and rainbows right now. And if it is, then well done! Enjoy that for the rest of us. The weight of this energy makes me grumpy, and therefore snarky. Could you tell?

So the point of this rambling is just that you aren’t alone. My only practical suggestion is to spend more time outside. The longer I am indoors, the worse I feel. I spend 10 minutes outside and I can’t remember why everything seemed so dire. I think I’ll be outside a lot this month.

We have turned a page, and it won’t take long to get up to speed with the new Light levels. In the meantime, be kind… to others, to yourself, and mostly to your body. We are all doing some heavy lifting.


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