Carbon to Crystalline

People tend to think evolution takes a very long time, and changes are only seen in the offspring. For many, it is ridiculous to think that evolution can happen in less than a year, and the changes be seen in currently mature creatures. Instead of arguing with science, I just ask you to ponder this… 300 years ago severe ailments were treated by slicing the abdomen open to remove demons. That was leading edge technology at the time. Now, think of what people 300 years from now will say about us.

Scientific “facts” are only an explanation of phenomenon based on our current level of understanding, not on ultimate truth. If evolution was explained by someone when the telegraph was the fastest form of distance communication, it might be okay to drop that theory now. Instead of having your head down reading outdated material, I suggest you simply stop, breathe, and look around. Heads up. Personal experience and observation will reveal the current truth.

I recently saw a great movie on Gaia called Solar Revolution. I love this movie, because it brings the scientific and spiritual reams together, with a beautifully simple explanation of what’s currently happening in our evolution. I am personally so grateful for this, because my experiences aren’t your typical woo-woo stuff. Meaning, I have always said my unique perceptions are just a physical anomaly, and one day science will figure that out. I’m not the least bit “dreamy” or “airy fairy” (think Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter), but I experience the world as energy, rather than just physical.

All that was just to get us to ascension symptoms. You could just as easily call them evolution symptoms. What you need to know is that everything on the planet is genetically changing. Humans, even adults, are changing from a carbon base to a crystalline base. A change that big just isn’t comfortable. All kinds of thing hurt, and all kinds of purging is happening, usually for short periods. For now, this is our new normal.

The body is doing some serious work to bring in this new being. Just like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, humans are changing into their next form. Sounds pretty far fetched, but again, look around.

Some of the symptoms this past week have been:
Nausea, diarrea, fatigue, sinus issues, extreme low back pain, vision blurring, foggy thinking, loss of appetite, and more, generally for a few hours then they dissipate. The most important thing to remember is to let the symptoms go! If you become obsessed with “what’s wrong”, then you stop the flow, and the symptom takes longer to clear. Sometimes things clear in minutes, other times hours. I wouldn’t be concerned about anything that lasts less than 24 hours. As usual, use your own judgement on when to seek medical attention.

There are several things you can do to assist in this process (read: reduce your own discomfort). Try to keep your system as clean as possible. Do a detox, and eat organic food. My rule is simple: If it doesn’t exist in nature, I don’t want it in my body. This means minimally processed foods, no GMOs, and no factory farmed meat. I also recommend supplements of whatever your body needs. My liver is my weak spot, so I take a daily liver support, among other herbs and vitamins. Follow your inner guidance, but support the body any way it needs.

I will also briefly mention the mental realm. Watch what you consume there, also. If you watch the news and it makes you angry, your body now has to flush out all those chemicals and hormones. Only watch / read things that inspire you, educate you, or make you laugh. Don’t put extra stress on your system with drama, anger, and suspense.

Support your own evolution as we go from carbon to crystalline.


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