Supporting Your Evolution

Almost everyone writing about ascension has mentioned how important it is to support the body right now, but no one is giving much detail on what that means. This is probably because we are all so different, and while one needs a nap, someone else needs to go for a walk. It is definitely an exercise in discernment, and developing a much deeper dialog with your own body.

That said, I like details, and it really helps me to know what others are doing. Not so I can do the same thing, but it lends context, and also tends to give me leads on my own physical journey. I want to share some of my own experiences, only to get you thinking about yours.  In Chinese medicine, I tend to run hot and dry, with my liver being the biggest issue. What works for me obviously won’t work for everyone. More than ever, take what is helpful and leave the rest.

This is only my personal experience. In no way is this intended to treat or diagnose anyone else.

Diet – My diet jumps around with what my body wants. My body, not my cravings (of which I have very few). I never eat fast food or soda, and it’s rare that I have alcohol (like twice a year). I eat organic, minimally processed food, and avoid anything they didn’t make 100 years ago. My body requires meat, and I am careful to buy only humanely treated animal products. Supplements are really helpful for me. My current favorites are: Daily liver support by NOW Foods, two kinds of drops and a skin gel by Cellfood,               L-glutamine by Jarrow, and mind care by Himalaya. Even eating very cleanly, I find supplementation to be necessary. The food available at this point just isn’t as nutrient dense as it needs to be. It has been quite obvious to me that I need to focus on healing the gut. It is probably the first brain, not the second.

Exercise – My body needs some kind of movement daily. I am disabled, and sometimes all I can manage is gentle stretching, or ten minutes on the chi machine, but I need to move. There are definitely times during the day when my body demands I lie still, flat on my back, and if I listen right away I feel amazing in about 5 minutes. Also, there are times that I feel an urge to breathe deeply and consciously, so I do, and again feel amazing in just a few minutes. Being aware of the body’s needs is half the battle, complying is the other half. Sometimes its need pop up in the middle of other chores, and I am learning to prioritize the body.

Mind – We tend to think of our brain as separate from our body, but it isn’t. The Higher Mind (observer consciousness) is a separate thing, but that isn’t the part concerned with entertainment, and ego thoughts. Like the rest of my body, I’m selective about my regular intake. I currently have a little more leeway here, occasionally watching an action movie or a drama, but I stay away from horror and suspense because they actually hurt physically. I can feel the chemicals of emotion and adrenaline flood my body. Not a fan. For my regular diet, I prefer comedies or documentaries. Gaia has some great spiritual and health documentaries.

Spiritual Development – I meditate daily, and connect with my Guides often. I also firmly believe we are always either in a state of growth or decay, as change is the only constant. Because of this idea, and to avoid dogma in my life, I learn a new spiritual path every year or two. I pick up pieces that I keep (like my Merkaba training), but I enjoy different perspectives on spirituality. This year, I’m doing the Gene Keys Golden Path, and it has been amazing for me. I am planning to explore their other offerings next year. And I am also practicing connecting with nature in a new way. Just sitting outside, and being fully present. It’s also been a great experience.

My Pups – This is a planetary ascension, not just a human one. I support my dogs with Ever Pup supplement, and also liver support from Herb Pharm. I don’t have cats or other animals, so I don’t know what is safe and helpful for them. Do some research, and support your fur-babies. I’m sure plants could use a little something, also.

So, that was a glimpse into the amount of support this process is calling for. Ascension is happening either way, but it is much more comfortable if you are supporting the process. This means everything is a deliberate choice… no more auto-pilot through life. Be aware, and make choices that support your evolution.


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