Becoming One

As we continue the journey to unity consciousness, with ever increasing speed, it is more noticeable than ever that we are no longer alone and separate. This is both good and bad, and definitely uncomfortable. If you have a tendency to internalize every emotion that drifts into your awareness, now is a great time to stop. Most sensitives (or empaths) have learned how to shield themselves from the emotions of other individuals, but now we are talking about joining the collective. It’s a whole new skill set here.

Joining the collective does not mean losing your individuality. It does, however, mean losing the illusions of the ego. Think of it like this… to be a global citizen, you have to see the value of every other person, regardless of race, religion, or geography, but you are also aware that everyone (including you) has unique gifts to offer. The only thing being lost is feeling superior (based on race, religion, geography), which is just an illusion of the ego. This isn’t a loss of individuality, this is gain of intrinsic value. Individuals supporting the whole, in their own unique way.

I have spent most of the last decade working at the level of collective consciousness, so I’ve at least got some awareness of the process. Still, my skills are constantly growing and shifting, to accommodate the current level of ascension. I say skills, but honestly, it’s more like coping mechanisms. Very little has remained relevant, except this: It’s not yours, so don’t try to fit it into your story. The very worst thing you can do is to make it personal, because we hang on so tightly to our baggage. Let it go.

Yes, you will still feel the waves of whatever the world is experiencing, but if you just feel it and let it go, it passes quickly. For example, earlier this week I was overwhelmed by a feeling of failure, like I was a major disappointment to myself, my friends, and even God. This is definitely not one of my personal scripts, but the feeling engulfed me. All I could do was be present with it – feel it, cry, and let it go. It was only about five minutes before it shifted, and it came through again later that day, for about as long, then it was gone. It moved quickly because I didn’t internalize it, and try to make a story to justify it. Just feel it, and let it go. It isn’t yours.

Conversely, if it is yours to deal with, it will keep coming up. Things are being uncovered on the personal level, as well. This Unity thing is easier on everyone if we each face our own shadows. This also helps you discern what is your and what isn’t. Know Thyself. Awareness is always the way forward.

Time is also extra-bendy as we become one consciousness. For some, things are moving way too fast, for others it’s a waiting game. It’s all a matter of ascending at a speed that will allow maximum inclusion. That start-stop feeling is just the collective merging, and again, it’s not personal. Keep moving in your own life, even if group projects seem to get delayed. Still do what you need to support your own evolution, and your body. If frustration sets in, go for a walk.

Let your coping skills evolve. They are changing quite regularly. At one point, baths were really helpful for me, then they started making my feet swell. At one point, sunlight was very healing for me, then I started needing a nap if I spent more than a few minutes outside. My diet has changed. My supplements have changed. Our bodies are changing, so adjust your practices accordingly. Support your body. Remember to give the same changing support to your mind and emotions. Forget habit – everyday is new.

Support and celebrate your individual self, as we become One.


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