Starting Over… Again

2018 just keeps shifting faster and faster, with something totally unexpected at every turn. I’m not saying we’re done, by any means, but the firehose effect is decreasing, finally. Since the equinox about three weeks ago, we’ve experienced some pretty major timeline shifts, and are now starting down our new trajectory. Again.

The reason for the intensity is actually a good one: the more people who actively join in raising consciousness, the faster it happens, thereby awakening others who then add to the momentum, and so on. The level of intensity and change is a good thing, yet still not comfortable on any level. Please take care of your body… it really is doing the most changing, and needs to be supported.

Even if nothing major has changed in your life, it is completely normal to feel disoriented and lost after all that timeline jumping. Things are going to start changing in a practical way in the next year, but right now there is a sense of confusion. That’s fine. Even my body feels confused, because along with timelines moving, there were some abrupt shifts in the electromagnetic field, resulting in vertigo and nausea. Not much fun.

Take a few days to recover. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Take time to adjust to this new trajectory. Keep your focus small… clean out a file drawer, read a book, work in the garden, watch an inspirational documentary. Personally, I’ve been avoiding electronics and reading or watching anything heavy. Not on purpose, just by following my gut feelings. It’s like my body is deciding what it needs without much input from my mind.

The theme for 2019 is The Gathering, when soul tribes unite. (I would love to tell you more, but it hasn’t come in yet.) Getting as many of us as possible on intersecting timelines was part of this last push. It doesn’t mean someone can’t level-up later, nor does it mean your whole group is ready right now, but many of us are in place for new soul family adventures. Keep in mind that soul groups recognize each other from a place of soul vibration, not from ego stories. Finding your tribe does not mean finding a bunch of people who agree with your opinions. In fact, opinion tends to be the gateway drug to the ego. Live from your soul, so the others can find you.

I have had both grief over losing my old life, and excitement at starting the new, all without any outer changes thus far. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to embrace change. There will be much more coming. Be brave as you start over… whatever that looks like.


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    This resonates so hard!! Thank you so much!

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