Goodbye 2018

You know, I really love my end-of-year reminiscence. It’s so much better for me to look back at all I’ve accomplished, than to make a list of New Year’s resolutions (that will be forgotten by spring). I highly recommend it. I’ve also been looking over past goodbye letters, and it’s interesting which lessons keep coming up. 2018 was full of lessons, and so much integration for me. Much of what I learned mentally in previous years was actually fully accepted and embodied this year. Just some of the highlights…

People are where they are. I can’t change that. This is an ongoing lesson.
The reason this one is tough for me is that I outgrow others so quickly.
I need to grow anyway.
Self-awareness can raise your frequency, but a naturally high frequency doesn’t increase self-awareness. Awareness takes effort.
Generosity is a spiritual state of being, not a calculated human action.
At least 50% of my communication is energetic or telepathic.
Having to verbalize 100% of my communication is exhausting.
I have let things go unsaid, because I assumed others communicate like me. They don’t.
Consistency grows trust.
Communication and consistency are vital to my mental health.
I admire naturally kind people.
My reality is now so far away from the muggle world, the conversation is limited to the weather. Even then, it feels like we’re missing an interface.
I meet more magical people all the time.
Inner peace requires healing the body. Healing my gut has changed my world.
My body won’t process GMO food. At all.
Ascension is physical, not just spiritual.
For me, self-mastery is the only point of the game.
It’s ok for me to expect the same level of self-mastery from all in my inner circle.
For the first time in my life I feel like my inner circle is full of Masters of mastery.
My consciousness is only able to be here by the grace of my host, the physical body.
I prefer to be a good guest, and honor my physical temple.
Even though my life is complicated, those who truly love me never treat me like a burden.
My life is more about change than I am really comfortable with.
At the same time, lack of inner change feels stagnant.
Others don’t leave me, I leave them. I grow faster than most can handle.
I’m not slowing down.
Inspiration may come and go, but discipline will always be there for me.
Discipline isn’t drudgery, and flowing isn’t a free fall. I can do both.
I find dedication and discipline attractive.
I learn who I want (or don’t want) to be by watching others.
I love to emulate traits that I admire. It’s like new clothes.
I experience polarity most in my outdated definition of gender roles. That seems silly.
My biggest struggle this year was between my own happiness vs. the greater good. My will vs. Thy Will. As if they are different. More a struggle of illusion vs. truth.
Initiative is attractive. I am tired of dragging people along, so I wait for them to initiate.
Being truly present and fully engaged in life is a rare occurrence.
It’s no wonder that presence is so healing.
Judgment is the opposite of Love.
Loss of the story is always harder than the loss of the actual situation.
Partnership is about mutual support. Always.
Bringing in the new relationship dynamic has been both beautiful and terrifying.
Relationships (all kinds) bring expansion. Time alone brings integration.
I need my alone time.
Love can be the foundation of everything in my life, if I accept it.
I learn new things all the time.
In hindsight, my whole life has been a gift.
This life is truly blessed by Divine Grace.

May 2019 Year of the Gathering bring us all Divine abundance of  joy and peace. May all life on Earth be touched by Grace. I integrate the old, and welcome the new. A blessed New Year to you all!


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