2019 Year of the Gathering – repost

This is a repost of the 2019 energies, and also an announcement: My second book is out! Check out Walking In Both Worlds on Amazon! If you love it, or my first book Waking Up Indigo, please leave me a review… people tell me personally how much they enjoy my writing, but reviews on Amazon really support the work. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey!


2019 will bring Soul Family reunions, in some pretty unexpected ways. The Tribes are gathering to prepare for our journey of the next decade, which begins with our First Steps in 2020, to live in a whole new way on Earth. It’s time to do this thing we came here for, and being surrounded by soul family will make it possible.

Not all the uniting will be in physical proximity. Online activity will increase, for the sharing of support and ideas among like minds. Still, there will be more relocation than we think. It could take the form of moving for a job, or a refugee escape, or anything in between. We are definitely being placed like chess pieces. This is a good thing, even if change can be challenging.

Think of 2019 as a dance with the Divine. Both partners have to do their part, but only one leads. Let life lead. You can’t just go limp, and expect life to gracefully swoop you across the floor. And you can’t both lead, and expect the dance to be smooth and beautiful. Each one of us needs to be fully present to do our part, but also to relinquish the lead. Life (the Divine) knows what it’s doing.

This could be a challenge for the control freaks among us. Relinquishing control, even to one’s Higher Self, can be quite the task. And it is only your Higher Self, not some form of fate out to undermine your plans. Find a way to reframe that whole concept, so you have a better relationship with the flow of life. Life is never happening to you, it’s happening for you. The Universe always has your back, even if it seems otherwise at the beginnings of a shift.

With this in mind, everything inside you that is blocking the full expression of your soul must go. Old beliefs, old relationships, old patterns. 2018 brought much of our shadow to light, but if you’re still clinging to something that no longer serves you, this could get messy. It doesn’t have to. Be willing to let go. For example, if deep down you know you need a divorce, then your spouse asks for one, you can react with fear and drama, or with love and appreciation. The grief and loss will still be there, and require you feel them fully. But your reaction to the overall situation is a choice. Be mindful of your choices. Be thankful for endings, because they make room for beginnings.

In 2019 we will also see an increase of conscious relationships. This can appear as friendship or romance. To be clear, a conscious relationship is one where the highest good of all concerned is the priority. This also means more honesty and integrity, shown by open communication, and each party owning their own process – no emotional dumping. Some people confuse “conscious relationship” with “happily ever after”, which a dying archetype. Relationships are meant to help us grow, not make us happy. Growth usually brings happiness, but the emphasis is on the growth.

I feel we need to be really clear about soul family and conscious relationships. These are both happening at a soul-vibration level. If you are still seeking outside validation, and comfort from those around you, then you are still operating at an ego level. This will mean you will unconsciously attract ego-based people, to teach you the difference. What this will look like is very short, probably painful relationships. This is designed to keep your focus inward, nothing more. Your soul family will find you, as you live more from your soul.

The soul family will, of course, bring validation and comfort. The difference is what is motivating your actions. When you think about gathering with your soul family, do you think, “Now I will finally be comfortable, loved, and happy” or do you think “Now we can really make a difference to the world”? Is it about me or we? Is it about your personal feelings, or the greater good for all? Be where you are, and never beat yourself up. At the same time, be really aware and honest about your motivations.

Please remember we aren’t all on the same timeline anymore. What is shown in the media doesn’t reflect the experience or trajectory of everyone. It’s fine to stay informed, but don’t be lured into the illusion of different realities. Be aware of your focus. Also remember that not everyone signed up to be part of the physical ascension. Some won’t ever wake up. Some will die naturally. Not many are on the ascension path presently. You can only do you. Live your own life in alignment, and prioritize your own becoming.

So, our side of the dance of 2019 is to keep our focus inward, while life moves us gracefully across the floor. Be present. Be aware. And most important, keep turning your gaze inward. Find a daily practice, or spiritual group, or spiritual course of study, and really make it a priority. Keep doing the inner work. That’s all we really have to do this year… the Universe will handle the rest. Enjoy the dance of the Gathering.


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