* Thoughts on Thoughts *

Well, this is interesting… We all know that our thoughts matter to our own life. Our thoughts are the stories that shape our lives, and the quality of our experience. But what happens when we can hear everyone else’s thoughts? What happens when the people around us can hear the dark and negative judgements we hold? It gets loud, and unpleasant.

For several years, I have noticed a direct link between my thoughts, and my balance. I was diagnosed with a neurological condition, which impairs balance and coordination (ataxia), so balance is a weak spot for me. When I dwell on negative thoughts, what little balance I have goes out the window. That gets my attention. It also abruptly moves my thoughts. It’s hard to focus on judgement when you’re about to fall. Survival takes over, and superfluous thoughts dissipate.

In the past few weeks, this phenomenon has accelerated. I can no longer dwell. If I stay in a negative thought pattern for more than a few seconds, I’m paying for it. It’s like someone is actually pushing me, and my body can’t compensate, so down I go. It brings awareness to a whole new level, one I obviously couldn’t find on my own. It’s an instant alarm for thinking off-track. This is actually great, for a number of reasons.

I also need to mention this isn’t “punishment” for “bad” thoughts. The old paradigm was about a punishment and reward system of conditioning. The new paradigm is about awareness and remembering. This instant physical feedback on the quality of my thoughts allows for an expanded awareness. It also lets me choose timelines by showing me what vibration I’m holding. That one is huge. On the evolutionary front, it is prepping us for telepathy. All wonderful things, in my view.

In the past, a person could harbor negative thoughts for years before they would manifest physically. With that long-term exposure to negativity, the physical effects were usually chronic and debilitating, or even deadly. Now, we have an almost instant feedback system… if you are willing to listen. The most fabulous part is that subconscious thought patterns are being disrupted. Interrupting thought patters usually takes a considerable amount of diligence and dedication, and still, some of them hide too deep to find. Not anymore.

The thoughts you think frequently set a certain vibration in motion in your body. It isn’t about good and bad, positive and negative, although those words are pretty much the best we can do within the limits of language. It’s a vibration. Love is at one end, fear at the other, and everything else on a spectrum between. The vibration you hold in your body aligns you with experiences and people at the same vibration. That’s how we choose timelines. Choosing a timeline isn’t about wishing, it’s about holding a frequency. This is important to understand.

When I am suddenly alerted about thinking at a lower vibration, the Universe is saying, “Are you sure this is where you want to be?” Then I have awareness and free will to choose my vibration, my timeline.

When I am faced with this choice, I do three things:
Reframe the issue I’m thinking negatively about
Meditate, or do Ho’opono’pono, to release negativity 
Make a mental gratitude list, to return to the heart

For a current life example, I recently got a really bad haircut. Seems small, but I am ridiculously protective of my hair, so it caused quite a bit of stress. First, I reframed the experience from “done to me” to “done for me”… it made me reconsider what hair means to me, it reminded me (again) to listen to my intuition, it reminded me (again) that it’s okay to outgrow people, etc. Second, I meditated, followed by Ho’opono’pono – visualizing the person or situation, and telling them: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, I love you. This Hawaiian healing technique is quick and effective. Third, a return to the heart with gratitude… I’m thankful my hair grows quickly, I love how healthy and resilient my hair is, I’m grateful for hair products that heal, etc. Like I said, I’m protective of my hair, so this process was repeated several times for over a week before it really sank in. It’s completely normal to snap back into old thinking. Just keep adjusting until it holds.

Bringing our focus back to the heart, and our vibration back to Love, opens us to telepathy. The more consistently we can hold the still, open heart space, the more receptive we become. Contrary to popular belief, the heart isn’t the seat of emotion, it is the balance point, the void of creation. Please read about the heart HERE. Telepathy is the function of an open heart. Yes, it is quite possible to have an emotional outburst with an open heart, but only briefly. Emotions lower than Unconditional Love will eventually lower your frequency, thus closing your heart. Choose carefully what you dwell on.

All that said, always remember two very important things:
Let people be where they are. Not everyone is at the same place on the path.
Be gentle with yourself. You are learning new skills.
No one is expected to master this in a day. With the instant feedback the process is faster than ever before, but it’s still a learning curve. At this point in my own journey, it’s kind of fun and exciting to learn new things. But I clearly remember wanting to “be” rather than “become”. Spoiler alert – your whole life is about becoming. Ascension is a constant growth process. The good news is that you are built for this.

So, now more than ever, mind your mind. Self-mastery is mental mastery. Be the observer, and think about your thoughts.


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6 Responses to * Thoughts on Thoughts *

  1. Shanon says:

    I just love you. You are the best example as you are realistic Natha. Thanks for being you and doing what you do! 😘


  2. A point of validation! I truly appreciate your sharing of this information. Am having similar experiences regarding insight, due to a recent challenge which compromised my vision. (Balance and vision – good combination! 😊) Thank you so much for all you are doing in service to the All in All. From my HEART to your HEART in Love, Betty. 💞


    • NathaJay says:

      I’m so glad it resonated! Someone else contacted me after reading this, saying their awareness experience involved dropping things, and minor injuries. We’re all learning together!


  3. Stefan says:

    The new paradigm is indeed awareness or consciousness, in which however there is no place for Ho’opopono or victim based programming (sorry, forgive me, …. boohoo-hoo).
    No one needs to be forgiven (forgiveness is only about the self btw) or excused because it was unconscious behaviour. Once those acts or behaviour or thoughts become concious, you can simply move on. Shame, guilt, sin,… were all man made to keep us in a low vibe. With those out of the way, we take our power back.
    Farewell Ho’opopono and religions. 🖖🏻❤️😉


    • NathaJay says:

      While I totally agree with you on where we are going, it isn’t going to happen overnight. I write about what helps me to leave the old paradigm as smoothly as possible, in the hope of helping others. As we climb, these coping skills (and my writings) will no longer be needed. I’m on the transition team 😉 Thanks for reading!


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