Unsupported Archetypes

Before we really get into this one, let’s talk about the structure of our reality. Before a “thing” pops up in our world, it first has to have an energetic blueprint. This applies to all things, whether a physical construct (like a building or a car), as well as thought form constructs (like racism or religion). The energetic blueprint is like the bones holding the structure up. The following relates to thought form constructs, including archetypes, and how they are changing.

Most of what we believe is a result of social conditioning, based on ancient thought forms called archetypes. It has always been quite difficult to escape, change, or even be aware of this influence. This is now changing, rapidly. These thought form constructs reside in the 4th dimension, and as 3D and 4 D dissolve to make way for 5D, both time and archetypes are greatly affected. If time is acting funny, and all of a sudden your priorities have shifted, you aren’t alone. Let your beliefs change. Clinging to the old causes the pain of struggle.

Basically, there’s nothing holding the old together anymore. No more energetic bones to hold up outdated thought forms. Our entire worldview is about to shift as the old archetypes fall. Power hierarchy, money, relationships, racism, any us vs. them mentality, misogyny, marriage, religion, governments, victim mentality, fear… anything based on fear and power over others is no longer supported. Only “ideas” based on love and unity are energetically sound. I want to clarify a few of these…

Money changed from being a physical thing to a thought form when we stopped using gold as currency. First we printed money, then we made it all digital. So, no, money isn’t “real”. Money has alway been used as a way to have power over others, and it isn’t needed at all in a world without power issues. You need fresh air and clean water, not a stockpile of money. The fact that we are charged for what the Earth provides is proof that it’s unnecessary.

Religion, again, is more about power and control than anything else. ALL religions require us to look outside of ourselves for answers, in the form of holy writings, or a deity or savior. Developing a strong inner moral compass requires that we stop looking outside ourselves for answers. We are each fully capable of connecting with a Higher Power, and receiving unique guidance for our unique lives. To truly reach our potential, we can’t spend our time trying to fit into an imposed mold.

Marriage has always been about ownership and obligation. Commitment and love go much deeper. The problem is even when people marry for love, unless they are very aware, they pull in the old archetype. Someone gets possessive, or lazy, because they feel like the knot is tied, so their partner can’t leave. Again, this one has been weakening for a while (divorce rates going up), but now people won’t even see it the same way.

This doesn’t mean these things will disappear overnight, but the supporting structure is gone. Free will and strength of the ego are all that’s holding them in place. For years, many of us have been telling the world that these structures are thinning, but now… there’s just nothing holding this thing up. It’s pretty impressive to witness on the inner planes, actually.

On a practical note, if your priorities suddenly change, let them. Don’t feel obligated to believe what you used to. Money will shift to abundance, which could mean time or community to you. Religion will shift to spirituality, emphasizing our own moral compass. Marriage will shift to commitment, and be based on respect, growth, and support. Let your heart move to a place of Love and unity.

If you are unsure about a life change, close your eyes, and breathe in love and unity. Just breathe consciously for a few minutes, until you are really comfortable with how love feels in your body. Keep your eyes closed, focus on that feeling, then introduce the thought of your change. Does it expand the feeling of love? Or does it bring a dissonant vibration? Your body know’s what it’s doing. It’s the mind we need to work with.

Release the old. Let the new show itself in your reality. All that is unsupported is falling.


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