*Returning to Oneness*

Sometimes the flood of information I get is so vast, it feels like it’s covering several subjects. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, meditation and a nap can bring it into focus, and words. Words can’t really do justice to the experience, but at least they hint at it.

Everything that happens is happening both on the inner and outer, micro and macro, as above so below. Think about how a fetus resembles the spiral of a galaxy. It not just physical, it’s also energetic. We are returning to oneness, on every scale.

Within our own bodies, this means returning to balance of the masculine and feminine energies. It also means returning to our natural relationship between our consciousness and our body. It is a time of great remembering of our true state as humans. We will collectively begin an inner dialog with our bodies. Using our consciousness to support our bodies will result in new levels of heath and happiness.

Between people, with any kind of connection, it will look like a tremendous forgiveness, and release. We will see our past as preparation for our present. We would’t be who we are without whatever we have experienced. Complete forgiveness is a huge release, for both parties. Approach it as a thank you and goodbye, because even if those people stay in your life, neither one of you is the same person you used to be. Likewise, be prepared for the relationship to end, as your work together may be finished. Forgive and release.

Within belief systems, it will look like a lot of people waking up, all at once. This will include religion, politics, money, government, and all power dynamics. People will suddenly realize that true existence can’t fit in a box, and all beliefs are boxes. It will take a bit to fully move humanity out of beliefs altogether, but the boxes will rapidly change, so at least we’ll have room to breathe.

For those that are seeing through the veils of control, yet haven’t quite made it to the understanding that all change is internal, just plant a seed and let it go. I’m talking about folks who feel great during yoga class, but the have road rage on the way home. The ones who love spiritual retreats, and also love to argue politics on Facebook. Be where you are (without judgment), but keep going. Challenge yourself to release attachment. Plant a seed, and walk away. People learn more from your example, than your argument.

For those seeking connection, it’s internal. I promise. I love connecting with others, but nothing can touch the time I spend with my own essence. Do whatever you can to bring body and consciousness together. This is true Divine Union. Move the ego out of the way, and let your Higher Self merge with your body. Only you know what is the best way for you to do this. I meditate. Some chant. Some dance. Some do tai chi. Do whatever it takes, and do it daily. Connect within.

For those feeling energies from other realms, this will mean increased non-human presence. Everything from more telepathy with pets and houseplants, to a stronger connection to the elementals, to visits from “others”. You may find you have a gnome living in your yard, or a dragon on your roof. It will also mean more visits from our inter-dimensional family. They used to be shadows in peripheral vision, but now they are much more visible.

For those already living in a more interconnected way, it will mean greater awareness of the butterfly effect. I had a great dream about this last week… I dreamt I was at a weekend retreat, so I didn’t really know the others, yet during introductions 3 of the 9 identified as recovering alcoholics. When we all went out to lunch, one of the group thought it would be fun to have a cocktail with our meal, and talked everyone into getting one, including the recovering alcoholics. I don’t drink (personal choice), and I tried to explain the importance of supporting the whole group, instead of feeding personal pleasure. No one listened. The alcoholics were now off the wagon, effecting the group energy, effecting the whole retreat, effecting our work together, etc.

We don’t live in a bubble. Just as a toxic nuclear spill in Japan effects the whole ocean, every interaction we have will change someone’s day, for better or worse. Actively choose your interactions. Actively create space between yourself, and those less conscious. Fill your own cup, so you have beautiful energy to share with others. I try to always leave people better than when I found them. It’s good to have a goal.

We are all on a spiral of spiritual development, and we are all at different places. That’s just as it should be. Be gentle with yourself, and others. There is a lot of change coming up, and the best option is kindness. This is when 2019 really takes off, in new and amazing ways. Get ready to dance with the Universe, as we return to oneness.


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