Holding Our Breath

There’s a feeling of impending change, both personally and collectively. Way beyond the normal Mercury in retrograde slowness, it feels like someone pushed the pause button on life. More accurately, the reset button. It feels like everything is offline, pending upgrade.

I personally vacillate between still joy, and anxiety over the unknown, but that probably describes my normal existence. Maybe it just fells accentuated now. Or maybe those two extremes are the only things I’m feeling, and they seem to switch at an unreasonable rate, without provocation. And that “last person left on the planet” feeling always happens when we jump timelines, but it’s still unsettling… sort of the void space, between realities.

I know I’m not the only one in this unusual space, but I want you to know you aren’t alone. All I know for sure is that the timeline split is complete. Meaning simply, Gaia has attained the next octave in Her ascension process. More than ever, we have a choice in our personal experience. The lower realities continue to play out (at least for now), but the higher trajectory is set. We are just waiting for the reboot.

When you are in joy, be there fully. When you are experiencing lower vibrations, actively seek higher ones. Read or watch something educational and inspiring. Or try laugh therapy. Or have a deep conversation with a friend. Not a chat over dinner, but a deep connection. Meditate. Sing or chant. Dance. Bring joy into the world. If we are sitting patiently in the void, we might as well use that time to create a new world.

If you are overwhelmed by the downswings, instead of pulling yourself up for you, do it for someone you love. Sometimes it’s easier to push though if your focus isn’t all internal. We are all one, and lifting ourselves up helps all.

In Hindu teachings, the in-breath of God destroys all of creation, while the out-breath creates new worlds. As we collectively prepare to exhale, let’s do it with intention. Imagine peace, love, and joy, as we hold our breath.


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