So tell me, what is it you truly desire? Yes, I did recently watch ‘Lucifer’ on Netflix, then I had the opportunity to talk with someone about the Hindu take on desire, then I heard some beautiful words from Alan Watts on the same subject. It keeps coming up. So I sat down to figure out what I want. It’s been so long since I actually desired something, it took a few days to get it worked out.

The contemplation wasn’t really moving all that well, so I broke it down into my usual three layers – body, ego, and soul. The body is pretty easy, just seek pleasure and avoid pain. My body wants to be healthy, supported, and appreciated (by my own consciousness). It likes to be cared for with proper food and sleep, kept warm, and touched. The body isn’t complicated.

The ego is pretty simple, also. It’s mostly concerned with control and appreciation from others. It wants to have a handle on the future, have all love reciprocated, and generally feel secure. None of this is wrong in any way, but it definitely doesn’t meet my criteria for desire. It doesn’t light me up, and bring a spark to my eye. So what does?

My very favorite thing used to be watching someone ‘becoming’ – watch the shell crack, watching them discover a new possibility within themselves. That is still a beautiful thing to witness, but it no longer pulls me. Though I truly enjoy watching (or helping) someone expand their reality, and I am privileged to do this kind of work, it isn’t quite what I’m after, as far as personal desire.

Desire is a worthwhile contemplation. Our desires change over time, so it’s always good to check-in with yourself. Once we find what we really want, we can set out to vibrate at that level. We can activate the DNA codes for that lifestream. You have the codes for every path you choose… but you have to choose one. Listen to your body – it will object if you mentally choose one thing, but subconsciously choose something else. The body holds a vast wisdom, and it’s always communicating with your Higher Self.

So what did I come up with? What makes me sparkle? What do I truly desire? Intentional community; to be surrounded by people who live fully and on purpose. What I truly desire is to see and be seen, at a soul level. These people would sing, and dance, and make art, and grow gardens. So many different kinds of people, all brought together by one intention: to be the change. I want to shine as brightly as I can, surrounded by other bright lights.

We won’t pollute our bodies. Not because we ‘shouldn’t’, but because we respect the body.
We will tend to our energy and our egos, because it is our sacred duty.
We will respect sexual energy, because we know it isn’t a toy.
We will build relationships with Gaia, and all her children.
We will know ourselves deeply, because that’s the only way to truly know others.
We will reinvent what it means to be human, with more love and compassion than this species has ever known before.

I don’t have any Idea how this is going to play out, but at least I have figured out what lights me up. This really is a pretty fabulous exercise. I recommend breaking down in the three layers of body, ego, and soul. Then be totally honest with yourself about which one you want to pursue. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing ego desires, just keep checking-in with yourself. At some point, only the soul path will do. When that happens, habits are changed easily. No need to fight the flame.

So tell me, what is it you truly desire?


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