*Law Keepers*

There are people carrying certain archetypal energies. I don’t mean the ones we’re used to like Mother, Warrior, or Clown, I’m talking about Universal archetypes. The folks are usually called ‘law keepers’ or ‘law holders’, and they hold the bigger archetypes. I don’t know how many, people or archetypes, but it’s a thing. The reason I’m writing about it is that these archetypal energies seem to be waking up.

These energies include things like Truth, Beauty, Justice, Faith, and Sacredness, among others. Universal laws. Much of Earth’s experience has been manipulated, and we are now returning to our original path, which includes these energies. For those of us holding these laws, it can get kind of interesting.

I carry Truth and Faith. Even our words have been manipulated… The energy of Truth feels closer to transparency – no hiding anything from anyone, even yourself. The energy of Faith feels like complete trust in life’s course – if I do my part by showing up to my life, the Universe will always have my back. These energies are strong, like an Archangel. None of this has anything to do with belief, they are felt viscerally.

As Faith present itself, I am overwhelmed with Trust. This isn’t a normal sensation for me. I have always had a plan, and at lease three back-up plans. Not anymore. I feel totally safe floating on the tides of the Universe. Everything that happens (even the “bad” stuff) makes me think, ‘This is happening for me!’ For me, not to me. I’m actually excited about setbacks at this point, because it means the Universe is redirecting me to something better. Weird. This is a big change for me.

Truth is a little more aggressive. I’ve always been big on honesty, and when people prefer their delusions I’m happy to leave them there. I’m clairaudient, so when people say they’ll be somewhere or do something, I can hear if it’s really going to happen. Up until very recently, I had no problem lowering my expectations or just keeping those folks at a distance (boundaries are my strong suit). But now I want to shake people awake. It seems offensive to the Universe, or at least the throat chakra, to say things you don’t mean.

I completely understand the socially acceptable making of theoretical plans, and the cancellation rate. I know life happens. I think where the Truth thing is hitting hardest, is watching people lie to themselves. I want to say things like, “We both know that’s never going to happen, so why are you pretending and planning?” So far, I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut. So far. Keeping my mouth shut is not my strong suit.

So, if you, or someone close to you, starts changing at a fundamental level archetypes may be in play. Just be aware they are activating, and try to be gentle with sharing them (said that last bit for myself). I know many people who carry Truth. It might get really honest out there. Just check your personal integrity to be sure your actions, words, and thoughts are aligned. And if they aren’t, stop saying things out loud until you’re sure you can follow through.

I wonder if Integrity is one of the Universal archetypes… I pity the soul carrying that one!

Be sure you don’t take it personally if you feel these energies showing up in your world. When Truth kicked in a few days ago, I was really down on myself, because I felt that I was being judgmental. It took me a few days to realize it wasn’t judgement at all. I wasn’t personally offended in any way. It was watching people justify a lack of honesty, and just assume it was fine. It was okay before, so it’s okay now, kind of thing. It’s no longer okay, and it’s not just me.

For me to stay centered, I have to separate my personal reaction from whatever else I’m feeling. Personally, I may have felt a little disappointed, but the wave of righteous rage was something else. Know yourself, and know what isn’t yours. I’m still working on what else (if anything) needs to be done to quiet the roar. Maybe just feeling it is enough, no action required. We are all changing the world just by the energy we carry.

These archetypes help guide us back to our organic timelines. You can see this shift in Gaia, also. It is May 20th, and we got snow in Denver, Colorado, USA. The Earth is shifting back to its highest good. Just like our shifting personalities, the weather is reflecting our experience – a little out of whack. Remember to keep your center as these Laws return.


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