Flash Forward

Timelapse of train moving in tunnel,Tokyo, Japan (Motion blur)

Welcome to a whole new level of weird. I’ve intended to write this post for a couple days now, but keep getting sidetracked and distracted. This is the new normal, at least for now. It’s busy, and things are popping up out of nowhere, as we are moved to our proper timelines.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the physical symptoms. For me, lots of nausea, pain like flu or fever, and detox like crazy. Skin, sinus, stomach, everything. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes. Water has been helpful, both drinking and bathing. Grounding outside is good, in the shade. Sometime the sun helps, but sometimes it intensifies the symptoms. Do whatever your body needs.

So what’s happening? Instead of just skipping timelines, we are moving through them. So one day I can see a path in one direction, but the next day it’s gone. New people are showing up, at least for a bit. Old friends are vanishing, as if they’ve completely disappeared. Let people come and go without attachment. This will settle.

Plans are just as unstable. It’s easier if you look at life with curiosity, rather than an agenda, for now. “I wonder what’s going to happen next!” is my current mantra. Don’t waste a single minute on disappointment when things don’t work out as planned. Be surprised. Be curious. And mostly, be grateful. Keep reminding yourself you are on the way to your highest good. It’s just a bit rushed.

There used to be negative influence on our collective trajectory, but not anymore. Light workers have been working for years to eliminate negative influences, both in this dimension and others, and it’s finally happened. The collective is back to true free will, and our timelines are catching up. It’s all good, but it’s a lot.

So how best to navigate this? Putter. Putter around doing small, achievable tasks. Clean a room. Make a list of small chores. Celebrate doing laundry. Keep it small. And be extra gentle with yourself. You aren’t failing. Your body isn’t undermining you. There is a lot going on, and we are here for the ride. Meditation is helpful, in short bursts.

There are a group of us starting the embodiment process, embodying the Higher Self. I have no idea how this will look at the end of the day, but so much of the personality is falling away. Don’t be surprised if habits change rapidly, and dramatically. Keep talking to your body, and your DNA. Let it know you fully support it, and love it. Ask it to activate your crystalline structures, with grace and ease. This is a physical ascension process, so be in partnership with your body.

I expect things to calm down around Solstice, at least enough to settle on a timeline. Until then, keep it light, keep it small, as we flash forward.


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