* Spiritual Map *

We all wish we came with an instruction manual. We wish life had some kind of directions, even if we don’t follow them. We have all had the dogma of our society, or our family, pushed on us, completely out of love, to give us a path to follow. Problem is, it usually isn’t our path, and then we have disappointment and guilt for not being able to follow it. But what if we were issued a map? What if it was swept under the rug, due to lack of understanding? What if it was even considered evil?

Before we get into this topic, I want to emphasize that a technology is different from a practitioner. Some doctors help you heal, while others are really bad at their job. Neither one has much bearing on medicine as a technology. This goes for every job out there – some people are good at what they do, some aren’t. Not a judgement, just a discernment. If you find a bad doctor, feel free to look for another, until you have someone you trust. Incompetence happens. Snake oil salesmen exist. Be aware, and be discerning.

That said, I want to talk about astrology and numerology as technologies. Most people look at them as belief systems, but I want to go deeper than mere belief. You can’t change your birthday. No matter what else you do with your life, your birthday is set. Where the planets were at that time won’t change. The numerology of that day won’t change. What if that’s on purpose? What if you chose your birthdate (and birth time) to support your mission? What if you left yourself a map, so you wouldn’t get lost?

The Mystery Schools teach us that our birth is pre-planned, by our own Higher Self. They also teach that all of physical reality is one thing. The planets, you, that dog – all part of the same fabric. Ever heard of Iridology? This is where different parts of the iris correlate to different organs. Irregularities in the eye can show an organ in distress, before symptoms start to show. Handy, because it’s less invasive to look at your eye, than your liver. Just as it is easier to look at the stars, than your seemingly complicated life. One thing.

This is not cause and effect. The stars aren’t controlling you, they are you.  If you prefer a more scientific explanation (like entanglement theory isn’t scientific), then consider the photons in sunlight. Photons carry packets of information, and the planetary position tells you about the information being sent at the time of your birth. This is one of the maps you left for yourself.

Knowing your birth chart allows you make an easier life path. For example, I have Uranus in Libra, which means I do best in unconventional relationships. I still have ample free will to determine what that looks like. More importantly, if I was raised to believe that a conventional relationship (married for life, 2.5 kids, white picket fence in the suburbs) is success, then I am set up to fail. At some point, I’ll have to let go of “normal” being “success”. I didn’t fail, that just wasn’t my path. Knowing my birth chart sets me free.

Just so we’re clear, knowing your sun sign isn’t even close to knowing your natal chart. The sun sign is actually a pretty small part of the picture. That’s why sun sign horoscopes are so often wrong. Where is your moon? Your Venus? Are most of your planets in water, or another element? There is so much going on in your chart.

Another universal language is numbers. Your birthdate numerology (add all digits of birthdate, including 4-digit year) can tell you much about your path. Again, there is plenty of room for free will, but it can tell you the major goals and pitfalls of this incarnation. You can change your name, but you can’t change your birthday. There’s a reason. You left yourself clues.

I don’t know anywhere near enough to read someone else’s astrology chart, but I have studied my own, at length. I like all astrology – Western, Vedic, Mayan, others – and have found value in each. My favorite numerology book is ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’ by Dan Millman. Have your birth chart read (by someone you trust). Read up on your numerology. Find the clues you left for yourself.

All the mystics I admire (both living and dead) espouse the value of astrology and numerology. It’s worth looking at, not as a belief, but as a map.


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3 Responses to * Spiritual Map *

  1. Stefan says:

    Interesting timing. I was wondering yesterday if I should consult an astrologer again.
    And here you are writing about it. Nice sign.
    I remember reading once: “Do you believe in astrology is like saying do you believe in french. It’s about understanding not believing.”
    Thanks for that photon info, you are absolutely right.
    Have a nice day and thanks for your blog, I read every post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NathaJay says:

      I love the simplicity of “It’s about understanding, not believing.” I reread my numerology every year for perspective, and also get regular updates on my astrology (probably every other year). I’m so glad it resonated, and thanks for reading!


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