*Wake Up Detox*

I know the word “detox” is thrown around liberally. It can mean many things, on many levels. I wish to attempt to clarify what it means for our spiritual (or evolutional) journey, at this time. Our very cells are changing, due to non-coding DNA now starting to code. The body is doing some major work right now. I speak for the body, not for morality or societal conditioning. I recommend you avoid certain things because it’s easier on your body, not because it’s “wrong” or unacceptable.

I think we all get the physical part – eat good food, and exercise. The thing is, the reasons for that have changed. It is no longer about general health, or fitting into a certain look. The body is working so hard to evolve, there just isn’t any extra energy. By putting a higher load on your liver, you are forcing your body to choose – evolve, or clean up your mess. It just can’t do both at once. This level of detox is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet.

The saying is “Starve a cold, or you’ll feed a fever.” That’s where we are, folks. If we don’t starve our addictions, we’ll be headed for worse. Avoid “pleasurable toxins”, like alcohol, drugs, random sex, junk TV (including news), gossip, drama, and fear. These things aren’t “bad” morally, but they don’t support the body. You only get to live this life at the generosity of your body. Support it.

Emotions are just chemicals in the body, resulting in a physical sensation. The easiest to talk about is adrenaline, because most of us can relate to the fight-or-flight feeling. All our emotional states are meant to be experienced, then the chemicals cleansed from the body (more detox). The more emotion stirred, the more chemicals produced. This is why emotion can be addictive. Any emotion.

We naturally have emotions throughout the day, and I’m not suggesting you try to stop that. All I’m saying is avoid emotional excess through mental input. What does that mean? Getting into arguments on social media to increase your anger. Watching endless videos on conspiracies to increase your fear. Gossiping every chance you get to increase your judgement of others. Again, none of these things is morally wrong, but they all increase your body’s workload.

The majority of our work is actually mental. We only hold on to destructive behaviors because we have stories about them. “Well, I need this because…” The body wants to be healthy, it is only our thoughts getting in the way. It is our thoughts that frame our worldview, and keep us stuck in patterns. It is the fear of the unknown holds us in these patterns, and makes us prefer to be right rather than happy.

Our thoughts build stories that trap us in endless cycles of addiction, and victimization. We believe everything we think. Also consider, many of our thoughts aren’t even ours. We think many things because it’s what we were told as children, and never examined them later in life. What do you really believe? I bet if you start rehashing old beliefs, you may be surprised by how much of it doesn’t really match who you are. Rethink and reframe.

The detox I am asking you to consider is physical, but the physical toxins aren’t just in the food you eat. This is why a true detox includes the mental and emotional realms. This doesn’t need to happen all at once, just be aware of what’s going on in your body. Awareness changes everything. Instead of following a list of dos and don’ts, try just being aware of how you think, and why. How you treat your body, and why.

While your own awareness will always be the best guide, I know that having a few suggestions is helpful, at least for me. Do what feels right to you.

Suggested for detox – Drink lots of water, eat only organic food (or at least non-GMO), eat only free-range animal products, try a 3-day liquid diet (juices and cream soups), short (1-3 day) fasting, supplement with herbs and vitamins, bath with epsom salts, sunbathing, walking or biking, yoga, laughter, get a massage, gardening, being creative (arts & crafts), read a book, take a nap, watch uplifting programs (documentary, spiritual, comedy), meditation. Self care!

PLEASE DON’T CHECK OUT! There are times this shift is overwhelming, but checking out will only mean more detox later. This means don’t ease your pain with alcohol, drugs, sexual energy, overeating, overstimulating (too much interaction with others), excessive TV or social media, violence or fear-based shows. Many of us have an unidentifiable self-loathing that shows itself in our unwillingness to care for our bodies. It’s pretty normal, but needs to be addressed.

After all that, my point is just to ask that you support your body. It is doing so much work behind the scenes. If you’re tired, take a nap, or go to bed earlier. This process is physically exhausting. Instead of being disappointed in your energy levels, be proud your body is working so hard. It wants to be healthy. It was built to evolve. Give yourself the support of detox.


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