*Waking Up*

This one is for the millions just beginning the journey of awakening. Welcome aboard! You can mentally frame this process as a spiritual awakening, or as a purely scientific process of evolution. Your perception gives it a framework, but it is happening to all of us, Atheist and Christian alike. I personally flip between the two, because they are saying the same thing, just in different context.

Most importantly, you are not alone. Many of us have been walking this path for years, or even decades. With that in mind, I want to share a few of the more notable symptoms of the situation, to put your mind at ease. You aren’t crazy, you are just becoming aware of how much more there is to you, beyond the physical. It’s a completely different experience, but also completely normal at this time.

Physical symptoms – The first I got was the ringing in the ears (tinnitus). It rarely stops, but it changes tone, volume, and sides. It’s better if you try to enjoy the music, than try to fight it. Trust me. Then I got “ascension flu” – body aches, upset stomach, and various other unpleasant symptoms. Not really bad enough for a doctor, but not fun. This comes and goes, and signals a detox in process. Depending how toxic your body is, it can show up several times a year, for a day or so.

Emotional Symptoms – For me, the emotional opening resulted in a lot of tears. Not just a little weepy, real ugly crying. Again, depending on the individual, this can be any emotion, and any length of time. I think I cried for most of 2014. The easiest way to handle it is to really feel the emotion, without judging yourself for it. Best to do this alone, so you won’t mistakenly blame others, and they won’t try to make you feel better (stop you from feeling whatever comes up). The saying is “you have to feel it to heal it”.

Mental Symptoms – Brain fog happens early on, followed by a detachment from your old memories and stories. After this subsides a bit, you start to see issues from a broader perspective. For example, politics goes from a local system, to a global integration. Your home and the people you love is no longer so isolated, and eventually grows to include the whole planet.

From a scientific perspective, several things are verifiably happening. Non-coding DNA (junk DNA) is now starting to code. The magnetic poles are shifting, at a rate significantly beyond the predictions. Our solar system is now entering a cloud of space dust. Science hasn’t determined what these events mean yet, and to my knowledge, hasn’t combined them into a big picture. For me, the are all indicators (or initiators) of evolution. By the way, shifting magnetic polarity causes vertigo, nausea, and gaps in memory for me.

From a religious perspective, these are the times of change. The end times in some beliefs, the beginning in others. Doesn’t every new beginning require an end? Before you freak out, just look around at the world. I’m good with this system ending. If we are now coding new DNA, just think of what we could create. Heaven on Earth. It’s time.

From a Mystery School perspective, each of us has always been a multidimensional being, and we are now becoming consciously aware of it.The human ego is dissolving, allowing us to move beyond our stories. It’s scary at first, because we used our stories to define us, and now we are seeing that we still exist, even as the stories fade. Linear time is fading, as well. Everything is shifting to the present moment.

My biggest recommendation is to find a group for support in this process. Even just a Facebook group that posts funny memes about ascension symptoms. Something to let you know others are going through it also. As you get deeper into the process, you may want to find a mentor, or take a class. I have really enjoyed learning a variety of things from a variety of people, just don’t get attached. Teachers are just people, so don’t expect them to be happy on a pedestal. Everyone is at a different place on the spiral of spiritual development, so find people who can meet you where you are.

And when it seems overwhelming, read a book. There are lots of books out there about this stuff, including my own. Read, and relax. We’re all in this together, and it’s really quite delightful, once you get in the swing of it. Others have gone before you, and are happy to help you. Then, it will be your turn to help others, as they begin the journey. We are all waking up.


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