* The Three Brains *

Quick energy update: Hang in there! It’s been a squirrelly month, and a really tough week. Everything is moving in the right direction, regardless of outside appearances. I personally have slept more this month than I ever thought possible, while many of my friends have been ridiculously busy. We are all integrating the new light codes exactly as we need to.  Be gentle with yourself and others right now. Self-care and self-love are the best things at the moment. I have been working on my next Level II Merkaba class, and the three brains is part of it. Just something to ponder (and distract you from the havoc)…

The Mystery Schools (and now science) tell us that not everything is controlled by the brains in our skulls. In fact, we have three distinct centers of function: The brain, the heart, and the gut. Science acknowledges the cellular significance, while the Mystery Schools go more into the energetics. I will try to include a bit of both in my explanation.

The gut is vital for absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins. A disruption to the natural micro-biome (probiotic balance) has been tied to Autism, and several digestive issues. Along with that, the 2nd and 3rd chakras work together in this area, to assimilate information (2nd, subconscious, inward), and present it in our lives (3rd, action, outward).   Cellular memory is governed by the 2nd chakra. Gut health is physical health, and the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

The body is not only the Temple of the Soul, but also a self-healing independent organism. Like all of nature, it was designed to thrive in health, and heal quickly when damaged. It wants to exist in health and balance. It was also designed to live much longer and more vibrantly than we currently experience as normal. Supporting the health of the gut allows the body to do its job.

The brain and spinal cord carry impulses and information, meant to flow unimpeded. This involves the 5th and 6th chakras working to assimilate information (6th, intuitive knowledge, inward), and present it to the world (5th, creativity, outward). If the intuitive voice gets drowned out by the thinking mind, then the outward voice is less loving, and less powerful. The flow from 6th to 5th is diminished by an overactive mind.

The observer mind is the Mind of God, while the monkey mind is the mind of ego. It is our duty to train the ego mind, and keep it from running the show. Through meditation, positive thought practice, awareness, and redirection of thoughts we can teach the monkey mind what to focus on, and what to let go. Our ego mind makes up (and maintains) stories. It’s our job to define the stories it tells.

Even though we talk about them separately, everything is connected. Gut trouble can effect thinking. Wrong thinking can effect physical health. They are intertwined, but easier to understand in pieces. In today’s society, we discipline the body (with fad diets, and rigorous exercise) while we feed the mind endlessly (entertainment mostly). That’s backwards. It’s the mind that requires discipline, while the body needs nourishment and support.

The heart muscle carries all kinds of interesting cells, tied both to cellular memory and neurology. Science knows it is much more than just a pump. In the Mystery Schools, the heart (4th chakra) is the gateway to everything unseen, other dimensions of consciousness, the Light itself. The thing about the heart is that it opens when it opens; it can’t be forced. The best we can do is tend to the gut and the brain, to create a safe environment for it to open. Keeping it closed is easier to define – mistreat your gut and misuse your thinking mind (meaning eat poorly, and dwell on negative thoughts). It is our sacred duty to nourish the body, and train the mind. The heart will open with the proper environment.

Support the gut, discipline the mind, and allow the heart to open.


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