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Walking In Both Worlds

Quick energy update: Hang in there! It’s been a squirrelly month, and a really tough week. Everything is moving in the right direction, regardless of outside appearances. I personally have slept more this month than I ever thought possible, while many of my friends have been ridiculously busy. We are all integrating the new light codes exactly as we need to.  Be gentle with yourself and others right now. Self-care and self-love are the best things at the moment. I have been working on my next Level II Merkaba class, and the three brains is part of it. Just something to ponder (and distract you from the havoc)…

The Mystery Schools (and now science) tell us that not everything is controlled by the brains in our skulls. In fact, we have three distinct centers of function: The brain, the heart, and the gut. Science acknowledges the cellular significance, while the…

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  2. Perhaps you’ve come across this anecdote in your travels, but here goes: the coastal aboriginals in Australia also model their existence on the three brains. Life begins in the gut brain, impulses and actions are then filtered by the emotions and heart brain and finally the head brain is brought in as a final check. Their word for the head brain is nandu-ka-ru, the same word they use to describe a fishing net that is tangled beyond repair.

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  3. NathaJay says:

    No, I hadn’t heard of that, but it makes perfect sense. Most of the info that comes through me is ancient wisdom, far beyond the reaches of my tangled brain.


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