Integrating Unity

Unity Consciousness sounds like a great thing, until you start to actually feel the changes. We are so used to living our lives as separate individuals, that we don’t even question that everything we think, feel, and experience are our very own, and totally private. As Unity brings us all together, in unexpected ways, we start to experience things that have no personal explanation.

I have always thought too loud. I have been told this by several people. I would love to tell you how to keep your thoughts to yourself, but I have yet to find the volume control. The only way for me to stop talking in my head, is to stop. Self-mastery. Mind your mind. It is a challenging thing to continuously steer the mind away from inner banter. I am easily derailed on this one when I feel unheard. It is important to keep moving the mind away from dwelling on conflict with another. Yes, for your own peace, but also because they pick up on it now.

If you are suddenly thinking or dreaming about someone, it may well be an actual conversation they are having internally. It could also be your own baggage coming up to be handled. Don’t jump to conclusions, and treat both with compassion. Both parties deserve it. Keep love as the focus, and know you are both clearing something, together. The point is, not everything is yours. Telepathy is happening.

We also get to unify with Gaia. Again, sounds lovely, until you start to feel earthquakes and volcanoes coming. For me, I feel like a horse before a storm – unsettled and anxious – until the quake hits. So far, I only feel ones close to my location (within a few hundred miles). Point is, not everything is yours. We are remembering the animal instinct for natural phenomenon.

As we unify with the cosmos, we feel the incoming energies. Our solar system is entering a cloud, and science doesn’t know what to expect. One day I’m exhausted, the next I’m flying high, both without a personal reason. Ascension symptoms are very physical, and vary from day to day. Before you decide you are just crazy or sick, I recommend you ask others if they feel it, too. Assuming it’s yours leads to creating a story, and then not wanting to release it. At this point, I start by assuming it isn’t mine, then wait to see if it persists. Point is, not everything is yours. Evolution has growing pains.

To get through these growing pains, I strongly recommend regular contact with some kind of support system, so you can compare notes. This could be a Facebook group, or a few friends to talk or text with. I have a small group of friends who are also on this path, and I reach out almost every week. Just a quick text lets me know my symptoms aren’t personal to me. Get used to checking, before claiming it as your own issue. Not everything is yours.

That said, use discernment about what is yours. I still have physical issues. I still have emotional struggles. But 90% of what I feel in my body isn’t mine. Without questioning the source, I’d be running to the doctor all the time. Just because I feel it physically, doesn’t make it mine. Not anymore.

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to others. Evolution isn’t easy. Avoid the stories, and let things pass. We are all doing our best to integrate Unity.


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