Thank You!

We are entering a Unity Consciousness passage. The use of face masks to prevent disease has been a perfect segue for this phase. We have been brought out of our own little lives, and asked to consider other people and places. Not just in a philosophical way, but on a very practical level. Most of us wear a mask, not for our own safety, but for the safety and psychological comfort of others. We are collectively putting others first. Almost like we know there are no “others”.

All physical reality is one thing. Animals, people, rivers, furniture, everything. With the confines of the shelter-in-place order, we are seeing many home improvements. This includes tidying up, and giving extra things away. If you want to improve you health, work on your house. If you want to heal the Earth, heal your body. It isn’t symbolic, it’s literal. The physical world is all one Unity.

This brings us so much closer to healing our existence on every level. Just imagine joining Unity Consciousness with radical responsibility…
“I will no longer smoke, because I care about the rain forest.”
“I have stopped drinking, because I don’t want you to fall into addiction.”
” I have improved my diet, to help conquer heart disease in this country.”
“I went for a walk outside, because I know you can’t right now.”
We belong to each other, and we are about to figure out the power of that. The old paradigm encouraged individuality in separation, which lead to isolation and loss of personal power. The new paradigm encourages empowered individuality to create unity. What a great time to be on the planet!

As our Higher Selves emerge, it’s always good to ask, “Is this in service to the whole, and offered with love?” If it is true love and service there’s no inner whining. If your decision makes you feel bad in any way, don’t do it. Please don’t use this as a way to judge yourself; that’s not helpful. It’s just a good thing to have in the back of your mind. Also, this is about unity of the whole reality, not martyrdom to your immediate circle. Maybe leaving an abusive relationship will be very difficult for those involved, but taking your power back will benefit the collective. Use your discernment.

Act as if you are creating a new world, because you are. Many of us (millions) have been meditating for years to raise the consciousness of humanity, and here we are! This Unity thing works. Choose your thoughts, words, and deeds, consciously. Make every step a brushstroke on a fresh canvas. Create reality, for all of us. When the sleepers awake, they will need a new template, and we will have one waiting.

This is why we’re here. I want to thank you all for your hard work. You’ve done so well! Now it’s time to play and create. Less news, more dancing! It’s beautiful out there… we were built for this. You are so loved and supported. Thank you for all that you do!


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