End of an Era

It seems odd to say, with so very much going on in the world, that 3D reality has come to an end, but here we are. The energetic support for the experiment called ‘ego’ has dissolved completely. Egos will continue to run on momentum, some with greater momentum than others, but it will be a brief and exhausting endeavor.

If you have followed me for any length of linear time, you know my work centers around the ego, and how to train it to support our growth. I’m not saying to give up on that work, only that it will naturally come to an end, as the ego is incorporated into your own light. This is a very different kind of work, involving self-love and surrender to your own Higher Self.

My time on this planet has shown me, repeatedly, that I’m not unique, just early. Yes, we are all unique expressions of Divine Light, but I mean that I am at the front of a wave of change. I’m not part of the forerunners (thank the gods!), but I’m at the start of the first big wave, maybe 20% of the population. The majority isn’t far behind. My whole life has been lived here, on the crest of this wave, so what’s happening to me now is headed for us all, shortly. I write to help us all prepare, and mostly to assure you, you aren’t alone.

It’s hard to describe the dissolving ego, but hopefully you can make some sense of my attempt. It comes as a series of epiphanies, first shocking, then freeing. With each one I can clearly see how the old belief was limiting me. At that point, the entire idea goes away. No struggle, no reprogramming, just “ah-ha!” and it’s done. I think we’ve all experienced something like this at some point, but this feels totally different. It’s like a sudden release… like holding your breath underwater, followed by the freedom of breaking through the surface and breathing again. It brings a sense of joy and expansion.

One of my personal epiphanies has been about other people’s choices. A friend told me once that we’re all just bumper cars, running into each other at exactly the right time to slightly change the trajectory of both. I have always liked that analogy, but I suddenly understood it from the view of an oversoul. An oversoul is one being, living about 300,000 separate human lives. From that perspective, the oversoul is gaining experiences from everything we all do, no matter how hard it is to watch from the ego level.

This knowledge gives me the freedom to watch the stories people create as part of a large book of experience. Now I can watch without worry. This is a big thing for me. Not only no worry, but also admiration for their willingness to create their story, no matter how complicated it is. I am honored to be a witness, and relieved of all duty to become involved. Freedom.

For those working up to this level of freedom – please remember your boundaries. Just because all paths are beautiful from above, doesn’t mean you can drop all personal boundaries. Not yet. I don’t feel I will need to be as on guard at this point, but I also don’t feel like leaving a bad situation would be a challenge. If it isn’t a challenge, it isn’t likely to happen. Challenge is a learning opportunity, and we are here to learn.

Along with the epiphanies, there is a distinct change in my view of death. I’ve always been more comfortable with death than most, but now it seems like a very thin veil, indeed. I’ve even had dreams of practicing dying, and melting into the void. They are quite peaceful and freeing. I’ve had quite a few training sessions in my life during dreamtime, but never how to die. Strange, but also liberating. Like the true freedom of choice has been restored.

The last thing, which seems really odd to me, is that my emotions are right at the surface. I have been told I’m emotional as a Vulcan, so this one’s new. When I’m happy, I’m really happy. When I’m sad, I cry easily and openly. I have a full array of emotion, but after it’s expressed, it’s gone. There is no story to dwell on, and keep the chemicals of emotion pumping.

I guess the point is just to allow the next step, and know that it won’t be everyone at once. We are all adding our story to the whole, as we move into unity consciousness. Honor your place as a witness to the end of an era. Most of all, know you aren’t alone.


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2 Responses to End of an Era

  1. Thank you NathaJay. I appreciate the shoutout to the forerunners! Been wondering what the f*** is going on since I was about five years old in 1962! I’m so grateful that the light is dawning. So many of my contemporaries didn’t make it; life was still too hard-edged and it ground down the sensitive souls such that we looked for escape in ways that were so so harmful, myself included. But I guess we had stuff to learn. Anyway, I’m lucky, I found help. And, I think I hear them cheering us on from other dimensions. I’m glad I ran across you today.


    • NathaJay says:

      I’m so glad you made it through the tough times, and thank you for being on the planet right now! Please feel free to look through the website, and share whatever is helpful to you… we are never alone.

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