Personal Revolution

There are so many layers to what is happening right now. I see the chaos in the world, and keep hearing the same message – it doesn’t matter. It’s not apathy, or defeat, it’s more like the fall of the old reality is scripted, and going as planned. Everything is unfolding as it should.

On the one hand, there is no need to push the river. Just step back, and let it crumble. It needs no further assistance, or attention. On the other hand, we are very actively creating a new world. Every thought, word, and deed are forming both your personal reality, and the new collective. Now is the time for personal revolution. Take steps in the direction of your dreams. Step into the role of creator, from within.

If this sounds like both a lofty goal, and an intimidating mission, just know you aren’t alone. Millions of us are at this same place. And we all still make mistakes. When you catch yourself choosing thoughts, words, or deeds that aren’t of the vibration you want to create, simply stop, and ponder how you got there. Be very aware of yourself, and make better choices as you go. We are all evolving at an incredible rate. Don’t be surprised if your highest choices this week need adjusting by next week. Constant, growing awareness.

Stay fluid, and be gentle with yourself. Now is a perfect time to adjust your trajectory. Everyone is on their own path. You do no one any good by hanging on to relationships or situations you’ve outgrown. Lead by example. Parting ways is sometimes necessary for both parties to grow, and growth is happening, ready or not. Moving in the direction of personal evolution is easier now than ever before. While you may be dreading a confrontation, it might be smoother than you think.

On the world stage, we are really seeing why the meek shall inherit the Earth. Only those with an ego stake in the game are still playing. Those who have their focus inward are wandering off into a different world. Some are relocating, but most are just changing the inner channel. I relocated earlier this year, and left social media this week. To find my place, I needed to be willing to let go of the old. My personal revolution continues.

I consider myself a recovering control freak, so dropping into this ever-changing stream of reality has been a journey for me. Try not to dwell on the loss of control, instead, choose gratitude. Change the channel from worry to appreciation. From fear to love. Whenever possible, return to the heart. As you turn off the light and slide into your bed, end your day with a mental gratitude list. I begin and end each day with a list of things that make me happy. This really keeps me centered, and out of the collective fear. It also sets a pattern in your mind to look for the good.

Do whatever you need to do to stay aware, and on your highest trajectory. Love yourself. Love others. Just love. The world of succeeding all on your own is ending. Let it end. Embrace the fluid unknown, and watch your life transform. All you have to do is mind your mind – awareness, and changing the channel. This revolution starts within.

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