Re-post: Emotion & Attachment

Note – As our thoughts shift, it’s the perfect time to recognize and release emotional attachments. Spend some time contemplating repeating patterns in your life.

Emotions have become much more complicated than they were originally designed to be. What we experience as emotion is only a chemical reaction in the physical body. They are meant to be felt, get our attention to notice what triggered them, and be released. Just a teaching tool, nothing more. They help us discern “good” experiences from “bad”, and pleasure from danger. They assist in survival, as well as personal spiritual evolution.

The ego’s job is to create stories; that’s why we have one. We need an ego to maintain the illusion of duality, separation from Source and each other. The problem is, when we have an emotion, instead of just letting it be felt and leave the body, the ego attaches a story. From then on, the story triggers the emotion, and the emotion triggers the story. Biofeedback loop. That, my friends, is called a design flaw.

Then we add chemical addiction to the emotion itself, and we’ve really put ourselves in a hole. Now, we will subconsciously find a way to trigger the emotion, just to get a fix. At this point, no one is learning anything anymore, and can’t figure out why they keep replaying the same story.

What started as a chemically based teaching tool has taken on a life of its own. The emotional body and the pain body have both grown, if not originally formed, due to this biofeedback loop. In the original Mystery Teachings the four etheric bodies were physical, astral, mental, and spiritual. Only more recently do teachings refer to the emotional body instead of the astral body. Interesting, right?

Both the emotional body and the pain body are parts of the astral body. It is only through mental attachment to chemical emotions that we form and maintain these bodies. Or we inherited them. Yes, the chemicals of emotion, when not allowed to flow through and exit the body, actually change the DNA. So, whatever you don’t clear is passed on to your offspring. Science has finally caught up on that one.

I’m not saying emotions aren’t real. They are very real. And the experiences that caused them are very real. But the story we attach to that emotional experience is subjective and fluid. For example, your Dad hit you at Christmas one year while he was drinking. The experience happened. You had an emotional reaction. However, how you view the incident changes with time. At first, maybe you were angry in general, then at men, then at alcohol, then a greater understanding of addiction, then it changes to compassion for your Dad’s pain, etc. The story changes over time with your own experiences. The problem is the tighter you hold the story, the more attachment to recreating the emotion.

Never fear, there is a solution. It begins, you guessed it, with awareness. In order to clear these emotional charges they must be noticed (or remembered), fully felt, and the story released. The process is simple, but the work is messy. Most people want to remember the event, and go straight to releasing it. That’s called “spiritual bypassing”, and it never truly heals the wound.

I think we are all a little wary of fully feeling our emotions because on some level we recognize the little biofeedback issue. Understandable. No one wants to get lost in the astral body. But the feeling part is essential to clear the chemical from the physical body. It’s almost like the emotional chemical lodges itself in the body, until it is felt and acknowledged; like its job isn’t complete until it’s felt. Once you fully feel it, it can leave, provided you don’t have a mental attachment (story).

Try this process… identify an emotional event, release or rewrite the story, fully feel the emotion involved, thank it and release it. Fill any empty spaces with Divine Love, and let the healing begin. If you feel the emotion come up again in a similar way (same story), fully feel it, thank it, and release it, then become aware of patterns or lingering attachments. Be aware, and make changes, but release the emotion.

Emotions must be felt, but only as a passing wave. Don’t allow the ego to build a story around every emotion. Awareness is the key.


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